America bought it for 2,388 crores, Biden said – the world is nearing the last war. Russia Nuclear Threat Vs US; America Purchases Anti-Radiation Drugs | Explained

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On October 2, 2022, the US government announced the purchase of iodine medicine worth Rs 2,389 crore. For the first time in the history of America, so many iodine tablets have been purchased at the same time.

The Biden government has said in the clarification of the purchase of the pill that these medicines have been purchased to avoid chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attacks.

Demand for anti-radiation medicine increased not only in America but also in Europe
The sale of nuclear drugs has increased rapidly not only in America but also in Europe. More than 600 distribution centers have been set up in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, a country adjacent to Russia and Ukraine.

  • Such distribution centers have been set up in all 16 provinces of Poland. The government has sent 5.5 million iodine tablets to a population of 3.4 million in Malopolska province. In Pomerania, a stock of 40 million pills has been kept for a population of 23 million.
  • More or less the same is the case with Britain. Oxford Health Company has told that the sale of Potassium Iodide 150mg drug has increased very rapidly here. At the beginning of October, there has been a sudden increase of 15,000% in page views on the company’s website for drug-related information.
  • The European Union has also said in a press release to send 5.5 million potassium iodide tablets to Ukraine.
  • In March 2022, more than 90 thousand packets of potassium iodide medicine were being sold in Finland in a week after the Russia-Ukraine war started. After the statements of Putin and Biden, once again the sale of iodine drug has increased here.

Why did America and Europe suddenly need such a large number of anti-radiation drugs?

To understand this, one has to know 4 things of the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin on 24 September 2022…

1. Putin said, ‘We will certainly use all our dangerous weapons to protect Russia and our people.’

2. He said that we have the most dangerous weapons to wreak havoc in the world.

3. The Russian President has described it as Russia’s biggest military mobilization since the Second World War. Purpose – to win the war with Ukraine at any cost and answer the western countries.

4. Putin said that Western countries have not been in any bluff, it is not a jackass.

Joe Biden retaliated 13 days after Putin’s statement
On October 7, 2022, 13 days after Vladimir Putin’s statement, US President Joe Biden retaliated strongly. He said, ‘The world is nearing the last battle.’ It was only after his statement that the discussion about nuclear war has intensified.

Just 5 days before Joe Biden’s statement, the US government has announced the purchase of iodine tablets. The US government is purchasing this drug under the BioShield Act. Actually, in 2004, the US Parliament made this law. Under this, a plan was prepared to spend 41 thousand crores on medicines in the next 10 years to avoid chemical and nuclear attacks.

Now the most important question is how will a small iodine bullet save it from a nuclear attack…..

Radioactive iodine floats in the air as soon as a nuclear explosion occurs
Radioactive iodine floats in the air as soon as a nuclear explosion occurs in an area. The chemical name of this iodine is I-131. Radioactive iodine cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted.

In this case, radioactive iodine enters the body through the breath or through the skin. Because of this, 5 types of effects are seen in people’s body.

1. Thyroid Cancer

2. Tumors in the throat and other parts of the body

3. Leukemia

4. Eye disease

5. Mental Disorders

Not only this, people who come in contact with this chemical after a nuclear blast can die within a few hours. At this time the drug of iodine comes in handy.

Anti-radiation drug saves life by stopping I-131 from entering the body
Iodine medicine works to save lives from I-131. This medicine is made by mixing 2 chemicals potassium and iodine. It is also called potassium iodide. This medicine saves lives in case of attack in 3 ways.

firstThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the potassium iodide drug contains a very high amount of non-radioactive iodine. In such a situation, after taking this medicine, it prevents more iodine from entering the body.

another: I-131 floating in the air after a nuclear explosion, if it goes inside the body, it becomes tissue in the thyroid gland. This medicine works to eliminate it.

thirdTumors start forming in many organs as soon as iodine-131 enters the body. This drug works to eliminate this tumor.
Is potassium iodide drug 100% safe in protecting against nuclear attack?
The anti-radiation drug i.e. potassium iodide is also not 100% safe in the event of a nuclear attack. According to the CDC, ‘the effect of the drug depends on how much radioactive iodine enters the body after the explosion.’

This medicine is prescribed to people below 40 years of age. Pregnant and lactating women can also take this medicine.

Potassium iodide saves people’s lives from the danger of radioactive iodine entering the body, but it does not protect against other types of radiation released after a nuclear explosion.

Potassium iodide drug has been used twice in 11 years
In the last 11 years, potassium iodide drug has been used twice in the world.

firstIn 1986, there was an explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in Pripyat, northern Ukraine. Then there was 400 times more radiation in Chernobyl than the radiation emitted by the nuclear attack in Hiroshima. Then potassium iodide tablets were distributed to save lives.

anotherThe Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was damaged by the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. At this time the people of Japan had bought this medicine to save their lives. Not only in Japan but also in America, the sale of iodine drug had increased.

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