american democratic senator threaten saudi arabia over cut oil production for russia support tlifw

The group of oil producing countries OPEC Plus announced a cut in oil production on 5 October, due to which America is very upset. Saudi Arabia dominates the OPEC Plus group and Russia is also a member country. The US government was constantly trying to persuade Saudi Arabia to increase oil production, but Saudi Arabia ignored it.

OPEC Plus has said that the global market is in turmoil due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the growing Kovid-19 epidemic in China and some other reasons, so it is necessary to cut oil production to keep international oil prices. Under this decision, OPEC+ countries will cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day. This will increase the price of oil in the global market.

what did America say

Earlier, US President Joe Biden had also visited Saudi Arabia. One of its objectives was to reduce the price of domestic gas being supplied from Saudi Arabia before the medium term. But the Saudi minister said that this cut was necessary to maintain the international price of oil. This move should not be seen as interest or detriment of any country. After which US President Joe Biden, while talking to reporters, said that he is unhappy with the move to cut oil by OPEC Plus. He also said that his visit to Saudi Arabia was disappointing.

US lawmakers warn
US Senator Chris Murphy said on Sunday that it is clear that we did not get as much support from Saudi Arabia as we needed. So we also have to think about relations with Saudi. Murphy said that other members of the Democrats are also in favor of reconsidering relations with the Gulf countries. Three other US Democratic leaders said in a joint statement that the time has come for America to come into the role of superpower in relations with the Gulf countries. He warned that when he has chosen that option, he should be prepared for the consequences as well.

Saudi Arabia aims to help Russia
US Senator Chris Murphy said that when there was a shortage of chips all over the world, Saudi Arabia supported Russia instead of helping America. Now Saudi Arabia is helping Russia by increasing oil prices. This Russian support of Saudi Arabia is an attempt to weaken our Ukraine alliance. Saudi Arabia will have to face the consequences.

arms exports reconsidered
Chris Murphy said that America supplies a huge amount of weapons to Saudi Arabia, now we have to consider it. He said that weapons are sold on concessions to OPEC plus countries, we need to end this concession as well.

Also considering the presence of US forces in Saudi
Since the decision to cut oil production, American Democrats have been demanding strict action on Saudi Arabia. On Sunday, three Democratic leaders also introduced a bill in the House to withdraw the US military present in Saudi Arabia. He said that the need of our army and military equipment is elsewhere. After which Senator Murphy said that we also need to look at our military presence in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

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