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Russia-Ukraine Conflict But the eyes of countries around the world are on. On the one hand, while the world’s superpowers have asked Russia to retreat, China seems to be supporting Russia. Recently America had clearly told Russia that if it Ukraine If attacked, its consequences will be dire. Amidst all this, China is increasing closer to Russia. His move is to carry forward his expansionist policy in the continent of Asia. In fact, both these countries have joined the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Unlike where the leaders of Western countries had distanced themselves from this ceremony, Russian President Vladimir Putin himself had reached there. He discussed with Chinese President Xi-Jinping and then a joint statement of both was issued. In this it warned America to interfere in the affairs of both of them. Both countries have also opposed attempts to expand NATO.

Russia has been aggressive in Ukraine, but it wants to avoid direct confrontation with the world’s superpowers America, Germany and European countries. In such a situation, if he gets China’s cooperation with him, then it will increase the power of Russia. If Western countries announce sanctions on Russia, then it can take help from China. In such circumstances, China is preparing to make its own efforts. It would like Russia’s help in its aggressive expansion policy in Asia. Here he has been asserting his claim on Taiwan.

Expansionist policy of both brought closer

Both China and Russia have expansionist intentions and that is why they have become close. The similarity in the policy of President Xi Jinping and Putin of both the countries is clear. While Russia is keeping an eye on Ukraine, China has made preparations to occupy other areas including Taiwan and South China Sea. These are the only two countries in the world that have reached such an extent for illegal occupation.

approval for mutual cooperation

Russia and China are also equally hoping for mutual cooperation. Where Russia has huge reserves of petroleum, gas and coal. So China has been at the fore in terms of technology and production. In such a situation, Russia can take help of China. Right now China buys very little fuel from Russia. Russia wants China to increase fuel imports. Now it seems that the friendship of both will take big steps in this direction. China has to spend a lot of money to meet the increasing needs in terms of energy, so if it gets fuel from Russia, then it can save a lot.

Both are determined to hit America

America has been a big factor for Russia and China. Both of them want to hit America. As soon as Biden became president in America, the concerns of both China and Russia increased. America has always been against the increasing influence of China in Asia. In the last few years, it has increased cooperation with India to many levels in many projects. Here, India also wants to teach a lesson to China. Its maturity can be understood from the attitude of India regarding the border dispute. India has indicated that it is not one to be afraid of Chinese influence.

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