Amitabh Bachchan Birthday: How do you make 80’s Amitabh a 60’s makeup man? Open Secret of Iconic French Cut – amitabh bachchan 80th birthday look make up artist reveals secret about him fitness diet tmovf

Amitabh Bachchan Birthday: Today is a very special day for cinema lovers, because today is the 80th birthday of megastar Amitabh Bachchan. On Amitabh’s birthday, everyone is remembering the beautiful moments spent with him. In such a situation, how can Big B’s makeup man be behind. On the occasion of Amitabh’s birthday, his make-up artist has shared special things about Big B, knowing that you will also feel proud.

Amitabh considers his make-up man as the messiah

I used to get a salary of 30 rupees in a month, if money was not spent in vegetables, then I used to fill my stomach after soaking bread with water, I still remember the day of my failure, then my body used to shudder. In such a situation, the superhero came as a messiah and since then my life has changed. This is to say, his makeup man Deepak Sawant, who has worked with Amitabh Bachchan for more than four decades. Deepak Sawant still works with him today.

Talking to Aaj, Deepak tells- Amitabh Bachchan ji is going to be in the industry for more than 52 years. I joined him after four-five years. The process of working with us is still going on. He has a family attachment to him now. He has taken care of us and that is probably the reason why he never left his side. I met him for the first time during the film Rasta Ka Patthar. When I saw him working, I started feeling that this man was going to go to great heights. I myself went and told him that hire me, if I stay with you, then I will continue to get work. All he said was, ‘Why not’, see there was a time and today is the time, we are together.

Life changed with the arrival of Big B
Deepak says about his journey- Before meeting Big B, I used to earn thirty rupees a month. Where he used to work, he could not afford food around there because vegetables were also available for one rupee. Now a person earning thirty months rupees will lose one rupee daily in vegetables, so what will be left? The financial condition of the house was also not good. In such a situation, I used to bring three rotis tied to the house and eat it by dipping the roti in water and filling my stomach. Roaming around for work, finally I got a chance to work with Rajesh Khanna in the industry. My job here was to stand in front of Rajesh Khanna ji with a mirror as soon as the shooting was over. I started getting some 200 rupees from him. At the same time, my life changed when Amitabh came, after joining him, I never looked back.

I had no idea about makeup
Opening his secret, Big B’s makeup man says – I had no idea of ​​makeup in those days. However, when I used to see handsome actors on the sets becoming poor, dacoits, I used to think that makeup is that magical power that can change someone’s face. What was it then, I also thought that if I do something creative, then I will do makeup. Didn’t take any training, but I don’t know how as soon as a face appears, I run a sponge and brush on it, it seems as if the upper one is telling me that this color will go with the face, this brush has to be run like this and Then I gradually became proficient at it.

I make 80 year old Big B into 60
Even though Big B is 80 years old today, I make him 60 years old by doing makeup. Big B has never appreciated any injections and chemicals on his face, things like Botox. Till now there has never been any mistake in my makeup, for which I have been scolded. I have never done anything worth being scolded. My makeup is done according to his character. Today, even though water makeup is not known, there are all kinds of frills, but I still do their makeup with traditional style. Look, I have some hacks, like if you have a crying scene, then I do dull make-up at that time, while during party scenes or songs, etc. During this, the trick of oily makeup remains. This is what I have been doing for forty years. They get ready by doing makeup in an hour. His French style beard also became on trend due to makeup. Omprakash wanted him to have a French cut beard in the film, which had to be glued with the help of gum. Those who used acid, they used to suffer from it, so growing a light beard and sticking French cut style on it.

you won’t leave me
When I told Big B that I wanted to become a film producer and in the meantime I did a Marathi film. The film was successful, so I thought to do Hindi and Bhojpuri films too. Referring to my first Bhojpuri film to Amitabh ji, I requested him to act, then he refused me on his face. Then I gave him the script of the film in hand and said that it is okay, don’t do the work, but read the script and see. If you don’t like it, then I will put this script in the garbage can. So I will understand that I am not fit to make a film. So he said that keep it here, he went home with the script. Told me after about ten days that Deepak your film is a super-duper hit but you will leave the job. I assured him that I will not leave work, I will complete the film while doing your work. This is how he joined my film and rest is history. Apart from this, he has always helped me even in bad times. My brother had an accident, so he had borne the entire cost at that time.

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