Amitabh’s make-up continued even on the day of his mother’s death, performed the last rites after shooting. Amitabh Bachchan Makeup Artist Deepak Sawant Struggle Story | Bollywood News

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From Zanjeer to Goodbye, there is a human being with Amitabh Bachchan for the last 48 years. My name is Deepak Sawant. He is Big B’s makeup artist and has been doing this work for the last 48 years without taking a single day off. Deepak’s dedication for work can be understood from the fact that when the news of his mother’s death reached him, he was doing the makeup of Amitabh Bachchan.

He did not leave the work, worked from 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening, then reached the funeral of his mother. From Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna to Amitabh Bachchan, he has been every superstar’s choice for makeup. 1 Rs. Deepak, who started earning daily, now charges 50 thousand a day.

The story of this big artist behind the screen is in his own words today.

Started work from the age of 12

My father was a makeup artist. There were no personal makeup artists in those days. The company used to hire artists. At that time when a film was made, the work was done, but the work ended as soon as the picture was finished. The next film was available after 2 years. It was a bad time for us. At that time there was no work, how did the house run. Money was needed, it needed to work hard. I started working from the age of 12. You have to die everyday to live.

In 1962, he used to work in a shop on a salary of 30 rupees.

I was born in 1949. At the age of 12, I started working in an electric shop. I had a salary of 30 rupees and had to pay 30 rupees every month for food. There was no place to live. This is from the year 1962.

Had to be whipped to watch movies

We were fans of Shammi Kapoor in those days, but we used to get killed watching his films. Instead of walking 2-10 kilometers to go to the movies, we used to sit on the rod behind the leg. The legged person would have come to know and he used to beat us up with a whip. We used to get two or four whips on the way.

In those days a picture of 50 paise was shown. We used to cut bedbugs from below and we used to watch movies. At the same time, we were kept in an office to have tea. When a customer came, we had to go for tea. There our salary became Rs 45. 15 increased by Rs. The office was on the second floor and the tea shop was located three buildings away from it.

If 50 customers came, we had to climb up and down the stairs 200 times. To save hard work, I came up with a trick. Bought a piece of glass and used to target the chaiwala with sunlight. He used to see when the light came on and we used to say tea with a gesture. When I didn’t get down, the boss thought I was a hoax and he fired me.

Used to fill the stomach by soaking bread in water

At that time the oil was 1.5 rupees a liter. Our entire salary was spent in buying vegetables. In a month, 30 rupees were spent on vegetables, so instead of eating vegetables, we ate roti soaked in water. Found the next job in a godown.

When the thief was caught in Godown, the owner in anger fired me from the job. If I lost my job, I would have to leave my family and go away for the second job I got. refused. The father also did not have a job, but he had to feed the family members, did he not?

Seeing Rajesh Khanna, decided to become a makeup artist

Father told me that you are also aware of production work. You choose one department. Father took me to film production. I asked for two days’ time. I saw on the sets that Rajesh Khanna has come. As soon as the fair-skinned young boy came out of the make-up room, he had become a truck driver. He got a mustache in the make-up room. I was amazed to see how wonderful the work of a make-up artist is. Dushman was the set of the film. I thought that I also want to become a makeup artist.

When I told this to my father, he got irritated. He put the bag on my shoulder. At that time Rajesh Khanna did not have to do make-up, only he had to show a mirror when the shot was over. Rajesh Khanna shouted in a very loud voice…Makeup. There was an uproar in the whole unit, but no one with make-up responded. I shouted even louder than him, Yes, I am here sir.

The whole unit was shocked that who is this man who answered Rajesh Khanna in such a loud voice. I went, showed them the mirror and came back to the place. This happened two or three times. After seeing this, my father scolded me a lot. He said that you are insolent, you answer such a big artist. I asked if he complained to you, he said no. I said, if they feel good then why are you feeling bad.

Impressed by the work, the other production houses gave the work

Three days after this incident, I got an offer from BR Films (film production of BR Chopra). A makeup artist from there came asking who is a boy named Deepak Sawant, who does a great job.

While I didn’t do any work, I just showed a mirror. I didn’t know anything. Yash Chopra was the manager at BR Films at that time. He told me that we liked your work. When I asked how much salary I would get, he said 192 rupees. You will not get food and travel money here.

Special trick to impress Dilip Kumar

At that time a film was made, Dastaan ​​in which Dilip Kumar was there, I got a job in that film. Dilip sahib liked white clothes. I put a white towel over my dressing to impress them. Wash and wipe off the make-up items in it. Put a white sheet in their living room, put a white towel in the bathroom. As soon as he came, he asked who decorated the room. When someone took my name, he said that from now on, Deepak will be in my room and will work for my clothes and make-up.

After a few days he asked if you know makeup. I used to do junior artist’s make-up, it didn’t matter if it was good or bad. I used to work a little. Dilip sahab told me, Deepak I have a couple of films where I want to take you as a personal make-up artist. This was the first time I got a chance to become a personal makeup artist. Dilip Kumar was the first actor I did makeup.

How did Deepak become Amitabh’s makeup artist?

Then I got an offer for the film Rasta Ka Patthar, being produced by Raj Khosla, in which Amitabh Bachchan was the hero. The shooting took place at Mehboob Studio. There was room number 8, I decorated the room with white color to impress those people. When Amitabh Bachchan came, he was stunned to see the beautiful room. Everyone likes beauty. He too was impressed.

One day the company’s make-up artist got stuck with the heroine instead of doing Amitabh’s make-up. Amit ji asked will you do my makeup. I said sir, I can’t do it without the permission of the head make-up artist. Amit ji asked the head, the head nodded and I did my makeup. After the makeup, Amit ji said that if you do good makeup then why do you stay behind.

From the next day I started doing make-up of Amit ji. From there my association with Amitabh Bachchan started and even after 48 years we still work together. I did Amitabh’s makeup in Zanjeer too. The chain hit and he never looked back.

I have never taken leave in 48 years – Deepak

I have never taken a break in my career as a makeup artist of 48 years. On the day my mother passed away, I did Amitabh Bachchan’s makeup in the morning and went to her mother’s funeral in the evening.

Amit ji got irritated while getting the makeup done that your mother passed away and you are here. I replied, my mother knew what our situation had been, how we got here through the struggle. My mother used to say that work is paramount. Died at 10 in the morning and after working I reached my mother at 4 o’clock.

Work was stopped due to Amitabh Bachchan going into politics

When Amitabh Bachchan went into politics, my work stopped. At that time I was called by Smita Patil. He saw my work and liked it. She said, Deepak, if you do my makeup then only I will do a commercial film or else I will not. I did films with him, but then he died.

Smita Patil’s last wish

She always used to say, whenever I die, make me happy and send me off. When he died, there was a gathering of people from the film industry in the house. I gave her a makeup kit long back. Her mother brought that kit to me and said that the baby wanted you to make her a sweetheart. I cried a lot and did her makeup. After Smita’s death, Amitji took me back with me.

The work was stopped even after the arrival of prosthetic makeup

In between came the prosthetic makeup. If prosthetic makeup is more abroad, then artists are also called from there. Artists came from abroad to prepare the look of Amitabh Bachchan in the film Pa. Despite this, Deepak remained present on the set with Amitabh.

Narendra Modi met in Gujarat

Once Gujarat CM Narendra Modi came to meet Amitabh Bachchan. I said I want a picture with him. I said my name is Deepak Sawant, I am Amit ji’s makeup artist. Modi ji said, Deepak Sawant come on. I was very happy to hear my name from the mouth of such a big man.

Deepak Sawant is working in the interest of the poor

We have a project called Pani Pani Pani. In this, 3-5 crore farmers will get water simultaneously. We first take water from the river and then bring it to the farm through a pipeline. Apart from this, we are also providing boxes for those who sell goods in road carts, so that they can sell goods in a hygienic manner.

For the tribals, we will give free roads, water, houses and also provide employment to 300 people.

Touching Amitabh Bachchan is the biggest achievement of my life

God sent me to Bachchan sahib out of 140 crore people, this is the biggest achievement for me. He has handled me for 48 years. What more do I want than to be together? For this I will always be thankful to the above. The more I have sacrificed, the more troubles I have endured, the one above has kept me happy today.

Used to get 1 rupee a day, today we get 50 thousand rupees for a day

Let us tell you that Deepak Sawant has done the makeup of Amitabh Bachchan in the recently aired KBC-14. Deepak Sawant, who started his career with a salary of 30 rupees, today gets 30-50 thousand rupees for doing make-up of Amitabh Bachchan once.

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