Another ‘master stroke’ of Bigg Boss, Sumbul Tauqeer Khan cried, special power to Gori Nagori

On the fifth day of the sixth episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ i.e. 6th October, there was a lot of ruckus in the house. In the last episode, where Tanzanian social media influencers came to support Abdu Rojic, today there was a task for the captaincy at home. Bigg Boss punished Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and canceled her captaincy. The task again took place in the house for the election of the new captain, one of whose contenders Shaleen Bhanot also became. Bigg Boss was angry with Nimrit because the family members violated a lot of rules during his captaincy.

In the midst of all this, ‘Tamarind’ i.e. Sumbul Toqueer Khan was seen getting emotional. Sumbul was troubled by the fact that everyone in the house kept taunting him by saying ‘choti hai choti hai’. Sumbul objected to this and that is why she cries. Will learn about this.

Day 5 begins with Bigg Boss anthem

Let’s start from the beginning. Day five, at 8 in the morning. The siren sounds and everyone gets up on hearing the sound. All the housemates reach the garden area and sing the Big Boss anthem. Immediately after this the rooster speaks. Everyone gets shocked. It is revealed that Archana is sleeping. She wakes up apologizing.

Abdu’s gold shoe, the senses of the family members flew away

On the other hand, Sajid Khan and MC Stan play pranks on Abdu Rojic. Sajid asks Abdu the meaning of honeymoon and explains to him. Abdu laughs. When Abdu shows his gold shoe worth 40 thousand dollars, everyone is shocked. Tina Dutta, Gautam Vij and MC Stan look at Abdu’s shoes in hand. Abdu Rojic is winning hearts with his style and language of love. Everyone praises him even while swimming.

Gautam flirting with Soundarya, Nimrit’s captaincy canceled

In the kitchen area, Gautam Vij tries to flirt with Soundarya. Everyone is busy with each other while Sajid Khan sits in a corner and talks to the cameras. MC Stan leaves his mic in the bathroom and Bigg Boss immediately interrupts him. But Abdu brings his mic from the bathroom. Then the phone rings. When Nimrit picks up the phone, Bigg Boss asks everyone to call in the living room and cancels Nimrit’s captaincy.

Big Boss shoves Nimrit

Bigg Boss tells Nimrit, ‘You were already warned that in this season I will keep an eye for 24 hours. I have given you many chances. As the rules continue to be violated, my restraint has been broken. That’s why I cancel you from the captaincy. Since you are the first captain, a second chance is being given. But other contestants are being given a chance to challenge you. He should go to the garden area and play the song. Bigg Boss tells Nimrit that Shaleen has challenged him in the captaincy task.

lying alone, Sumbul cried when the girl was told

On the other hand, Sumbul gets emotional and tells Sajid that he feels very lonely. Everyone is big and everyone considers them childish. Sajid tries to convince Sumbul Tauqeer. Gori Nagori also comes there and explains to Sumbul. Sajid also explains to Sumbul by giving the example of Abdu Rojic. Abdu also comes there. He tries to cheer Sumbul. Sumbul says that before appearing on the show, she was afraid that everyone would consider her a child. Sumbul is sad that the family members keep him aside, especially when there is a consultation. Sajid then tells Sumbul – if you want to play this game, you have to face a lot.

Shaleen’s anger erupted, Nimrit became captain again

Priyanka reads out the letter of Bigg Boss for the captaincy task. She explains the captaincy task to all the family members. Sajid is made the operator of the task. The task starts as soon as the buzzer rings. Nimrit and Shaleen stand with the basket on their heads. The rest of the householders put whatever items they can put in their baskets. The one who will stand till the end with the weight, he will become the captain. Shaleen gets angry and throws the basket full of stuff on the ground. Stuff breaks. Shaleen says everyone’s day comes. His day will also come. Nimrit again becomes the captain of the house.

Sumbul said crying – I want to win, I will not cry

Bigg Boss congratulates Nimrit and asks him whether she would like to free the three contestants from punishment and punish them because of which they lost their captaincy or not. Bigg Boss also reprimands Soundarya and says that if you do not want to do some work then do not do it. In the living area, Shiv Thackeray and Shaleen Bhanot talk about the load put in the baskets in the Captaincy Task. When Sumbul takes Shaleen’s side and says that the task does not mean that the neck is broken, Shiva stops them. Shiv says he is talking to Shaleen. Sumbul gets angry and leaves and goes inside and starts crying. Crying she remembers Papa and says that she is trying, but it is very difficult to be here. She says, ‘I want to win. I will not cry anymore, I will cry.’

Shaleen tells Sumbul – her name is being added together
Shaleen also comes to explain to Sumbul. Shaleen tells Sumbul that she is his good friend. He doesn’t want Sumbul’s reputation to be tarnished because of him. Shaleen tells Sumbul that people in the house are adding her name together. Sumbul says that when she came to the house, she felt that she would get along very well with Shaleen. The two talk hand in hand.

Archana and Tina’s fierce fight over Gautam
On the other hand, the heat of the captaincy task increases. Archana, Tina and Soundarya clash with each other. When Tina takes Gautam away from her, Archana gets into a fight. She tells Gautam Tina’s spoon. Tina continues to forcefully drag Gautam from near Archana. On the other hand, Sreejita Dey tries to set fire between Gautam, Shaleen and Tina. Archana fights over her cobweb. She says that if there is any task, then she will not touch her cob. She has brought him money from the flight.

Nimrit punished Archana
Nimrit says that Archana uses a matchstick. That’s why she gives the responsibility or punishment to Archana to cook the food at home. She says go to the smoking zone one by one. Whoever does not follow will punish him.

Big Boss got Gori Nagori to dance

Amidst all these confusions, Bigg Boss is going to play a game with the nominated contestants. He will give a chance to the nominated contestants so that they can save themselves from homelessness. Bigg Boss gives the task of stage performance to Gori Nagori. If she wins in this task then she will get a privilege. With this, she can either save herself from homelessness or can save one of the other nominated contestants. Bigg Boss tells other conditions of this task to the family members. After this, all the householders make a strategy that who is to be saved and who is not. Everyone talks about saving Ghori, but Shaleen is seen talking about saving Gautam.

Gori Nagori won, saved from homelessness

Gori Nagori danced with a bang on ‘Mera Balma Bada Rangoon’. The family members played a lot of whistles. Sajid Khan, Stan, Gautam, Shiv Thackeray and Archana reach the stage to dance. Gori Nagori won the task. Under the privileges given, Ghori saved herself from homelessness. Thus Shiva, Archana, MC Stan, Sajid and Gautam were nominated to be evicted from the house.

Abdu gave such a lesson to sad Stan, won his heart

Meanwhile, Gautam, Nimrit, Tina and Soundarya tease Abdu in the name of Archana and Priyanka. On the other hand, Tina Dutta is seen busy with Shaleen Bhanot. MC Stan tells the sad and upset Abdu that he is tired. He is not feeling well and wants to go home. Abdu explains them. Abdu says that he will become more famous. Don’t leave the show. Abdu says that people talk to him a lot on Instagram. Abdu says, ‘Life is not always good. Like I’m Abdu Rojic outside, singer it’s all. But everyone is equal in Bigg Boss. Everyone has to do all the work here. You can’t always be a superstar.’

Family unhappy with this behavior of Tina Dutta

At night Shaleen Bhatt, Nimrit, Soundarya and Gautam all talk about Tina together. He says that Tina is feeding everyone’s mind that there is something between Sumbul and Shaleen. The rest also say that Tina is going to everyone and saying something. As if whatever happens, Shaleen will support me. Nimrit will support me only.

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