Anuj was seen spilling the jam in memory of Anupamaa, Malvika took a pinch

Mumbai. Actor Gaurav Khanna, who ruled millions of hearts by playing the character of Anuj in the popular daily soap ‘Anupamaa’, is dominating social media. The actor is often seen entertaining fans with his funny videos. In this episode, Anuj has now reached the club in the absence of Anupama, as well as showing the jam.

Anuj i.e. Gaurav Khanna has posted a video (Gaurav Khanna Video) on his official Instagram account. In which he is seen drinking ‘Prem Da Pyala’ inside the club. During this, the dashing look of the actor has been seen. Gaurav looks dapper in pastel colored jeans, black printed t-shirt and yellow jacket paired with goggles. Also his style is heart stealing.

Watch the video here-

Gaurav’s video has taken over the internet as soon as it surfaced, and millions of his fans are seen giving great reactions by hitting the like button. Sharing this clip, the actor writes, ‘You can imitate me… not equal.’ Gaurav’s latest clip has got more than 19 thousand likes in the Instagram world so far. At the same time, commenting on this, a user has written, ‘Truth said no one can match you.’ Another wrote, ‘Oops! You are looking very hot. Another writes, ‘We are just happy to see you.’ At the same time, Malavika has written while pulling up Anuj, ‘I think you have bought all the clothes of Zara’s showroom out of happiness.’

first published:Feb. 18, 2022, 3:42 pm

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