Apple iPhone 14 Pro will have 8 GB RAM: Read more to know more

The successor to the Apple iPhone 13 Pro – the Apple iPhone 14 Pro – is likely to be equipped with 8GB of RAM, the report claimed. Both the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro come with 6GB of RAM. 8GB of RAM is one such feature with which Samsung has packed its Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ smartphones. Many other mid-range smartphones also come with 8GB of RAM to boost the performance.

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The iPhone 14 Pro models will be packed with more RAM than its four predecessors, the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple is also reported to be ramping up mass production for the iPhone 14 Pro. Supply chain constraints forced Apple to cut its iPhone 13 production target by 10 million units annually. However, reports have emerged in recent days, citing iPhone assemblers, that Apple component shortages are looming and the COVID-19 pandemic is unlikely to remain as a challenge during the past two years.

Apple is yet to officially announce any details about the rumored iPhone 14 Pro smartphone and its specifications which are being widely circulated.

Is Apple already offering 8GB of RAM or more in their product? Yes, it happens but not in smartphones. The company offers 16GB RAM option in its 11-inch iPad Pro (2021).

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro with 8GB of RAM: Will That Be Enough?

While Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra offers a 12GB RAM variant boosting the smartphone’s performance possibilities, the 8GB RAM option of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro may be enough considering its exceptional software that its Android competitors don’t have.

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