Apple’s plan did not work! iPhone 14 Plus sales lower than expected, people prefer Pro variant – Apple iPhone 14 Plus sales lower than expected Reports ttec

Apple has launched four iPhones in its 14-series this year. A new device has been added to this series, which was not there in the company’s portfolio earlier. We are talking about the iPhone 14 Plus. The brand had not launched any Plus variant since the iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple never reveals the sales numbers of its smartphones. Still, some reports related to sales numbers come out every year. According to a recent report, people are liking the iPhone 14 Pro more than the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.

Another report claimed that people are ‘excited’ about the iPhone 14 Pro, but this is not the case with the iPhone 14 series. Apple had changed the strategy regarding its smartphones this year.

Is the company’s bet not working?

The company introduced the Plus variant by discontinuing the Mini version. The brand hoped that people would like it like the Pro variant, but iPhone 14 Plus The condition of the iPhone 12 Mini also seems to be the same.

In the Plus variant, the company had given the same specifications as the iPhone 14 with a bigger screen and battery. After doing so much research, when the mini version was replaced by the plus variant, then why does this phone seem to be failing?

The reason for this can be the specifications and pricing of the smartphone. By the way, you will get almost the same specifications in it, which are given in iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. Perhaps this is the reason why people are not liking this phone.

How much is the price?

iPhone 14 Plus differs only in terms of battery and display. Its price in India starts from Rs 89,990. On the other hand, talking about the Pro variant, its price starts from Rs 1,29,900. But in this variant you get a new processor, camera and display. Perhaps for this reason the sale of the iPhone 14 series is getting affected.

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