Arrest Kohli… Arrest Virat Kohli, why this trend started on social media? – Arrest Kohli Trends after Virat kohli Fan Murder Rohit Sharma Supporter in Tamil Nadu tspo

Arrest Kohli: Team India captain Rohit Sharma and former Indian captain Virat Kohli are on a tour of Australia with the team these days, where the T20 World Cup 2022 is to be played. But he might not be unaware of what is trending on social media about him. Let us tell you that Arrest Kohli (#ArrestKohli) is trending on Twitter at this time.

Fans are also surprised about why suddenly Arrest Kohli started trending. Actually, recently a fan of Virat Kohli had killed his own friend in Tamil Nadu. The police has also arrested the accused in this case.

Kohli’s fan killed during argument

Please tell that this dispute happened between two friends P Vignesh and S Dharmaraj. P Vignesh was a fan of Rohit Sharma and Mumbai Indians (MI). While accused S. Dharmaraj is said to be a fan of Virat Kohli and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). There was an argument between the two regarding cricket, after which the accused S. Dharmaraj killed P Vignesh by hitting him with a bat.

The fans of Kohli and Rohit have also come face to face on social media regarding this matter. Rohit’s supporters have started the Arrest Kohli (#ArrestKohli) trend against Virat. He was constantly criticizing Kohli, his aggression and the behavior of his fans. But in the meantime Kohli’s fans also came forward and they replied. Kohli’s fans also criticized Rohit and his fans running this trend with the same hashtag.

‘Kohli should be behind bars’

In support of Rohit, a user commented, ‘Chokali fans are cancer for our society.’ At the same time, another user tweeted against Kohli, writing, ‘Even now Kohli’s fans are defending that criminal. Today humanity is dead. Another user wrote, ‘Virat Kohli always adopts an aggressive attitude. This is what all his fans learn and now a criminal has taken the life of an innocent. Shameless people are making memes. Kohli should be behind bars.

On the other hand, in support of Kohli, a fan wrote, ‘All the fans of Rohit Sharma are shameless. Why are you following this trend? Kohli himself has not done this. You understand your limit. While another user wrote, ‘There is no fault of Virat Kohli in this.’

This incident happened during the liquor party

Actually, this murder incident is of October 11 (Tuesday), when Dharmaraj and Vignesh went to CIDCO Industrial Estate near Mallur. Both the friends were discussing cricket while drinking. Dharmaraj and Vignesh had a habit of having a party after every IPL match between RCB and Mumbai. By the way, the condition was that in which only the supporter of the losing team would bear the expenses for the party. During the same party, Dharmaraj killed Vignesh in a debate.

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