Australian actress Laura McCulloch found in US California jail tlifw

37-year-old Australian actress Laura McClellack, who suddenly disappeared from California, USA, has been traced. Laura is found in a prison in America. Actually, she had gone on a date in a restaurant, where she also assaulted a police officer after creating a ruckus, after which she was arrested. On the other hand, his close and fans were upset over his disappearance and were trying to find him. Even a campaign was being run on social media to find him. But when the truth came out, everyone was shocked.

Actually, Australian actress Laura McClell was missing since August 12 evening. On August 12, the last time Laura went on a date with someone at a restaurant in Santa Monica, California. Laura disappeared after going on the date, leaving her close and fans shocked. The more intimidating thing was that Laura had met her online with whom she had gone on a date, so the sudden disappearance raised the concern of her near and dear ones.

When Laura did not get to know anything from here and there and did not return home after that night, her friends took to social media and started running a campaign to find Laura. Despite this, nothing could be found of them. The search for Laura was going on when it was found that she was in jail. Everyone was surprised to know this.

why did you go to jail
Actually, when Laura had reached the restaurant on a date, she had a dispute with another customer about something. After which Laura got angry and threw a drink on the customer and their two-year-old child. After which the police was called from the restaurant.

When the police spoke to Laura, she was completely intoxicated. When the police officer tried to arrest Laura, he bit her and kicked her. That was enough to send Laura to jail. After this act of his, the police arrested him and took him with him and was sent to jail.

Rudy Flores, an officer of the Santa Monica Police, has given full information about this matter. Flores told that the police had reached there after getting information from the restaurant. Seeing the condition there, when a police officer tried to arrest Laura, he not only used foul language with her but also bit her on the shoulder and kicked her, after which Laura was arrested and sent to jail.

Laura continues to search for more friends in jail
Obviously, if everything happened suddenly with Laura, no one could know anything about it. On one hand, Laura got caught in a legal dispute and on the other hand her friends started campaigning on social media in search of her. But what was actually the reality, no one had even thought of it.

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