BB16: Is Abdu Rozik a child or not? At the age of 19-year-old singer, there was a rift in TV’s hit ‘Couple’ – abdu rozik kid or not Priyanka Choudhary fights with Ankit Gupta will friendship break tmovh

In Bigg Boss 16, as the show is progressing, the game of the contestants is coming to the fore. In the last episode, there was a tussle between onscreen couple Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Choudhary of Udaiyaan over Abdu Rojic. After the fight and debate, there was also crying and washing.

Why did Ankit-Priyanka fight?

You will say where did Abdu Rojic come in the middle of the fight between the two. So know that Abdu did not come in the middle. Rather, the topic of this fight was Abdu Razak. The whole matter started when Ankit Gupta told his friend Priyanka Chaudhary not to treat 19-year-old Abdu like a child. Just hearing this, Priyanka gets angry. She says in her clarification that I never considered Abdu as a child. Always have corrected others when they say so. Abdu is my good friend. He’s not a child. I never considered him a child. It was very surprising to Priyanka that her friend Ankit Gupta said this. He thinks so about them. The actress also looked disappointed that Ankit Gupta never understood her.

Why did the name of Abdu come in the middle?

Abdu is a child or not… The debate between both of them started from this topic and then their old grievances also start coming. According to Priyanka, Ankit Gupta never understood her. This friendship is going on because of him. Ankit never takes initiative in friendship. Accused Ankit Gupta of not taking a stand for him. There was an argument between Ankit and Priyanka and Priyanka left to cry. Later Priyanka goes to Abdu and asks him did he ever treat her like a child? To which Abdu answers in no. Abdu silences the crying Priyanka and hugs her. But Priyanka and Ankit did not reconcile.

Is Priyanka-Ankit’s friendship in danger?
Priyanka-Ankit’s good friendship was seen on the day of the grand premiere of Bigg Boss. In the last one episode, it was shown by a statement of Priyanka that she is in unrequited love with Ankit. Taking care of Ankit, everyone has seen Priyanka caring for her. The rift between the two is coming to the fore since the last weekend’s war. Priyanka has also warned many times to separate with Ankit.

It has to be seen that Ankit and Priyanka’s friendship goes through a litmus test while on the show.

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