Be a girl, stay at home, kicked out of the house for not agreeing, engulfs Shark Tank India

Story Highlights

  • Funding to 67 ideas in the first season
  • The judges liked this story of Rakhi Pal

The first season of Shark Tank India, a reality show focused on startups, is over. Around 200 ideas were pitched this season, out of which 67 managed to garner funds from the judges. One of the names that impressed the judges in the show was such, which made everyone emotional. This is the name of Rakhi running a startup with two partners.

Such is the business model of Rakhi’s startup

Rakhi Pal, along with her two partners Saurabh Mangrulkar and Venkatesh Prasad, runs edtech startup Eventbeep. This startup helps students studying in small town colleges to build community. In an episode of Shark Tank India, the trio told that the special thing with institutes like IITs or IIMs is that the students there get good community. There are many such people who have studied abroad and many people are running a successful company. Colleges in small towns are left behind here. The goal of this startup is to bridge this gap.

story started like this

Saurabh tells in the show that he started doing business at the age of 15. He himself had also raised all the expenses of college education from his business. The most different story was that of Rakhi Pal, which made all the judges emotional. Saurabh told that basically girls in Rakhi’s family of Uttar Pradesh are not allowed to do business. Even after this, he started the business, due to which he was thrown out of the house.

Doing business as a girl is rejected by the family members

Actually Rakhi’s family wanted her to do household chores like cooking and cleaning utensils. On the other hand, Rakhi’s insistence was to set up her own company and make a name in the business world. For about 2 years, she kept going to her company’s office in the name of going to college. When it seemed that the business was going well, he told the truth about it to his family. This angered the family members and threw Rakhi out. She is still running the business by staying alone away from home.

Startup got so much fund from the show

The judges of the show liked the idea of ​​the trio. The three partners were demanding Rs 20 lakh in lieu of 2 per cent stake. On this demand, he got offers from 3 judges of the show. Later, the three partners after mutual consultation expressed their desire to associate the three judges together and demanded Rs 40 lakh for 3 per cent share. In the end, the matter was settled on 30 lakh rupees.

Ashneer’s offer is being praised

Ashneer Grover of BharatPe, who got the fame of Angryman in the show, offered to give Rs 10 lakh separately to Rakhi. He said that he will take only 0.5 percent stake from Rakhi and will invest Rs 10 lakh for this. Grover said that ultimately the only thing that matters to the family is whether the money comes or not. He is impressed by Rakhi’s passion and for this reason is offering 10 lakh rupees to Rakhi separately on low equity.

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