Be mindful of your browsing habits to avoid tracking


Most websites track your activities.
However, these websites can easily be prevented from tracking.
You have to be careful while browsing to avoid tracking.

New Delhi. Privacy has become an illusion in 2022. Through a complex end-user license agreement, apps and websites are tracking your every activity, from your browsing habits to your interests. Simply put, if you use your digital device, you may be being tracked. However, not every website tracks you with malicious intent.

Most of the websites track your activities to improve your personal experience. However, if you wish, you can stop your tracking and ensure that your online life remains private, so let us now show you how you can keep your digital life private.

browser changes
Have you enabled cookies without checking websites? If so, you may be tracked by advertisers. In such a situation, to remove the existing cookies, you should completely clear your browser history. After clearing existing cookies, make sure you block third party cookies in future.

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If you are using Chrome, to block cookies, go to Settings and then click on Privacy, now select Security, and then go to Cookies and other site data. Request Do not track with your browsing traffic turned off here.

use a vpn
If you want to mask your IP address and encrypt your browsing data, then there can be no better option than using a VPN. Explain that a Virtual Private Network or VPN protects you even when you use a public network to connect to the Internet.

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Use tracking blockers
You must have also come across pop-ups including ads and unwanted spam at one time or another. It is noteworthy that websites can be prevented from installing unauthorized cookies and tracking browsing by using tracking blockers. Tracking blockers are available as a plug-in for most browsers.

Be careful while browsing
Please be careful with your browsing habits to avoid tracking and avoid any cookies before allowing them. Due to the fast growing advertising business in 2022 people are being tracked more. However, with the methods discussed above, you can protect yourself from tracking.

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