Belarus Vs Ukraine War : Russia Ukraine War News Putin To Deploy Troops In Belarus Amid Massive Conflict With Ukraine

Moscow : Now Belarus is also going to join the Russo-Ukraine war. Russia is ready to deploy 9000 troops to its neighboring country Belarus. This claim by the Belarusian Defense Ministry has increased the risk of escalation of war in Ukraine. Although the Kremlin has called it a “defensive operation”, war watchers believe Russian President Vladimir Putin wants Belarus to join the fight. Belarus is a country that shares borders with both Ukraine and Russia. Since the beginning of the war, he has been supporting Russia and ignoring threats from Western countries.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said that the decision to send troops to Belarus for the first time since March was taken due to “the activities going on in the areas along our border”, DailyMail reported. This news comes at a time when Russia has threatened to equip Belarusian fighter planes with nuclear missiles. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is close to Putin. According to Lukashenko, Belarus and Russia are mobilizing their troops and forming a joint task force.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the leader who avenges his humiliation, learn how to play mind games.
The picture of war changed after the bridge blast
This sudden increase in the war that has been going on for the last eight months has come after the Crimea Bridge blast. Russia targeted dozens of Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv, after the blast. The Indian Embassy in Kyiv had issued an advisory for its citizens. This week China has also asked its citizens to leave Ukraine immediately due to growing security concerns. Some countries like Serbia have closed their embassies completely.

Russia will modify the fighter planes of Belarus
The Belarus border is located 225 km from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Russia used Belarus as a launchpad for an attack against Ukraine in February. On Saturday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it would equip Belarus’ Su-25 fighter jets with the capability to carry nuclear missiles. Belarus is a “non-nuclear” country with a military force of around 50,000.

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