best extension board, 8 devices can be connected simultaneously in these extension boards, the hassle of mobile charging will also end – these best multi plug extension board can be used to plug in a 8 device at a time

The need for an extension cord is read in every household. Whether it is to connect many large devices simultaneously or to charge the mobile of many people simultaneously during the festive season, the need of multi plug extension board is needed everywhere.

Keeping this in mind, we are giving information about some great quality and top user rated branded extension boards for you. In this, you have also got a user rating of up to 4.5 stars. Some of these boards even come with a USB socket.

Portronics Power Plate 4 with 4 Power Sockets :

The black colored extension board comes with 4 power sockets and a USB power converter. It is getting a wire of length 1.5 meters. Its maximum capacity is 1500 watts. In this you can connect many high power devices at the same time. Mobile phones, TVs, music systems and other devices can be connected to this. GET THIS

GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Power Strip with Master Switch:

This is the white and red color extension board that comes with the master switch. It can connect up to four devices simultaneously. This extension board is coming with safety shutter. In this, international sockets are available for adjusting almost every type of block. In this you are getting safety shutdown technology. GET THIS

SYSKA Plastic 240 volts Essential 4-Socket Surge Protector:

This four-switch multiple extension is supposed to help protect your device from electricity surges. It is coming with 12 months warranty. In this you are getting universal sockets. This multi plug extension board also comes with an on off switch, light indicator and a 2 meter cord. You can also use it to charge multiple mobiles simultaneously. GET THIS

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Goldmedal Curve Plus 205101 Plastic LED Spike Guard Adapters :

This is the best plastic extension board with a user rating of 4.5 stars. In this you are getting 6 connectivity switches. It has also been well liked by the users. It is coming with LED spike guard and adapter. You are getting 1 year manufacturer warranty on this. This extension board is coming with a 2 meter card. In this you also get protection from surge protection and short circuit. GET THIS

Belkin Essential Series F9E800zb2MGRY 8-Socket Surge Protector:

This Brilliant black colored multi pin extension board In which 8 sockets have been given. It comes with surge protection. In this you get a maximum current spike of up to 13000 amps. It is coming with 2 meter heavy duty cable. According to the company, this connected equipment comes with warranty and is offering maximum coverage up to ₹ 20000. GET THIS

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