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Know New Holland 3630 TX Plus Tractor Features, Uses & Price

The sowing season of Rabi crop is going on. For such farmers, other agricultural machinery including tractor is required for the preparation of the field. If you are a farmer and looking to buy the best tractor in the 55 HP range for yourself, then New Holland 3630 TX Plus could be the best option for you. This tractor attracts the farmers towards it. The features and design of this tractor are quite spectacular. It has been given the most powerful 2991 cc engine which works at twice the power. It comes in both 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive variants. Apart from this, additional features like High Speed ​​Extra PTO, Adjustable Front Axle, High Lift Capacity with Actuated Ram, Hydraulically Control Valve, 12+3 Economical Speed ​​have been provided which make farming work easier for the farmers. This is the reason why this tractor is maintaining its popularity among the farmers. Today in this TractorJunction post, we are giving you information about New Holland 3630 TX Plus Price, Model, Engine Capacity, PTO HP, Specifications etc.

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New Holland 3630 TX Plus tractor comes in the category of 55 HP tractor with 3 cylinders. It has a strong engine of 2991 capacity. The rated rpm of this tractor engine is 1500. It has been given water cooled and air filter to keep the engine cool and dry. Due to this, dust does not accumulate in the engine and the engine remains clean, so that they work better. The implementation of this tractor with PTO power is 50.7 HP.


New Holland 3630 TX Plus tractor comes in full constant mesh or partial constant mesh type. It has a double clutch with independent PTO lever. It is equipped with gears of 8+2 / 12+3 CR* / 12+3 UG*, which can increase or decrease the speed of the tractor as per the requirement. It has a 12V 100AH ​​battery. It has 55Amp alternator. The forward speed of this tractor is 31.30 kmph and reverse speed is 14.98 kmph.

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brakes and steering

New Holland 3630 TX Plus tractor gets Multi Disc type Oil Immersed Brakes which minimizes slippage. It has power steering. This tractor comes with the option of Single PTO or GSPTO, which works at a speed of 540 rpm.


New Holland 3630 TX Plus tractor lifting capacity is 1700/2000 kg. It is provided with suitable pins for Auto Draft and Depth Control (ADDC) 3 Point Linkage Category I and II Types. The total weight of this tractor is 2080 kg. Ground clearance is 445 mm and turning radius is 3190 mm with brakes. It has a tank of 60 liters capacity.


This tractor comes in 2 wheel and 4 wheel variants. Its wheel base is 2050 mm. The front tires are 7.50 x 16 / 9.5 x 24* and the rear tires are 14.9 x 28 / 16.9 x 28*.

Other Accessories

Apart from the above mentioned features, New Holland 3630 TX Plus tractor also comes with other accessories which include Tool, Toplink, Canopy, Hook, Bumper, Drawbar etc. It also gets additional features like High Speed ​​Extra PTO, Adjustable Front Axle, High Lift Capacity Activated RAM, Hydraulically Control Valve, Skywatch(TM), ROPS & Canopy, 12+3 Creeper Speed.

warranty and price

New Holland 3630 TX Plus tractor gives a long warranty of 6 thousand hours i.e. 6 years to the customer. As for its price, its Price starts from Rs. 7.95 to Rs. 8.50 lakhs Which is very economical considering the features given in it. Let us tell you here that its price may vary according to different states.

Specifications of New Holland 3630 TX Plus Tractor

Specifications New Holland 3630 TX Plus Tractor
number of cylinders 3
HP Category 55 hp
PTO HP 50.7 HP
gear box 8+2 / 12+3 CR* / 12+3 UG*
brake Oil Immersed Disc Brake
warranty 6 years or 6000 hours
worth 7.95-8.50 Lac*

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