Bharti Singh was annoyed by this act of Haarsh Limbachiyaa, narrated the anecdote while crying – Bharit Singh Get Angry With Haarsh Limbachiyaa Know why and when tmov

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  • Why did Bharti get angry with Harsh?
  • Bharti has tears in her eyes

There are very few actors in the television industry whose name brings a smile to the face. Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa are one of them. No matter how much pain these two themselves are in, but they do not forget to make people laugh. Whenever they are together, they are on people’s faces.
There is a different happiness. Let’s get ready to laugh once again on this matter.

Harsh did not wish Bharti on V-Day
With the changing times, Valentine’s Day has started looking like a festival in the country. These days the couple has special expectations from their partner. Hope to make you feel special. Harsh just missed here. Actually Bharti has shared a video on her YouTube channel. In the video, Bharti is talking to the fans, telling that Harsh did not even wish her on Valentine’s Day.

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Bharti tells that Harsh did not wish her in the morning. On the same day Bharti also had to go to the gynecologist for a checkup. Bharti was wearing a red dress while going for the checkup. Even the seller of flowers on red light also came, but still Harsh did not remember Valentine’s Day. Bharti says that Harsh did not even talk to her all the way. Seeing this behavior of Harsh, he felt so bad that he felt like crying.

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When Harsh corrected his mistake
Now who has a lovely wife like Bharti. How can he forget Valentine’s Day? Late but Harsh brings a surprise to Bharti. To make you feel special on Valentine’s Day, Harsh Bharti brought cakes, bouquets and smart watches. Seeing Harsh’s love and gift in the evening, Bharti’s heart was filled with joy. In the morning, he was getting angry with Harsh. Same love in the evening. Let’s not worry, Bharti. If the morning’s mistake comes home in the evening, then it is not called forgotten. And yes, the laughter on both of your faces is good. No tears.

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