Biden Vs Putin Ukraine Nuclear Threats: Biden Says Putin Nuclear Threats Have Destabilizing Effect In Russia Ukraine War Amid Missile Attack

Washington: US President Joe Biden is furious at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘nuclear threat’ over the Ukraine war. Biden said Putin’s nuclear threat would have disastrous consequences and increase instability. The US President also said that I do not think that Putin will use Tactical Nuclear Weapon. Biden’s statement comes at a time when US officials have increased tensions with Russia after the defeat in Ukraine.

Biden said about the tactical nuclear bomb, ‘I think it is irresponsible for Putin to have such talks. That too when he is the global leader of the world’s most atomic bomb-armed country. He said Putin’s nuclear threat would have very destabilizing effects. He warned of this possible mistake. Biden said, ‘I want to point out that this can have very dire consequences.’ Biden said that no one knows what the consequences will be after using the atomic bomb.
‘Russian President is afraid of NATO, will do nuclear attack on Ukraine from Belarus’, Putin’s arch enemy warns the world
America started preparations on the threat of nuclear attack by Russia
The US President said that if a mistake is made about the atomic bomb and the wrong guess is made, then no one knows what will happen next and it can end with great destruction. Biden declined to say what America’s next step would be if Putin went ahead with the threat of a nuclear bomb. He said that talks are going on about responding to the Russian nuclear attack, but I am not going to tell about it. It would be irresponsible of me what we will or will not do.

Biden made this statement after Putin’s latest attack of more than 100 missiles. Biden has also announced that he is going to provide a new air defense system to protect Ukraine from Russian missiles. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has also urged Biden to provide him with more effective air defense systems to ward off Russian attacks. We need to make a joint effort to build an air defense shield over Ukraine, he said. Meanwhile, the round of cruise missile attacks by Russia is still going on.

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