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America is angry with the decision of OPEC countries to reduce crude oil production. According to media reports, Joe Biden and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) will not meet at the G20 summit to be held in Indonesia next month.

Biden and earlier the White House had made it clear that the decision taken by oil producing countries to reduce production by 2% is not right in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war. Despite this, OPEC countries did not heed America’s objection.

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Al-Jazeera TV channel quoted a senior US official as saying – Biden has no plans to meet Prince Salman during next month’s G20 summit in Indonesia. Last week, when OPEC countries decided to reduce crude oil production, the White House said in a statement that the US would now take a fresh look at relations with Saudi Arabia.

America’s NSA said in an interview with CNN on Sunday – At the moment, no change is expected in the relationship between the two countries. It is certain that President Biden will soon make a decision about this. It can be considered in Parliament.

Crude oil will become expensive
The Biden Administration alleges that the OPEC countries’ decision to reduce crude oil production by 2% will directly benefit Russia. This will make crude oil expensive in the international market and Russia will earn millions of dollars by selling oil. Russia itself has also said that it will reduce production by two lakh barrels per day by November.

Saudi Arabia expressed surprise at America’s allegations. Said- These allegations are wrong that we decided to reduce production so that Russia benefited from it. The decision to reduce production has been taken keeping in mind the economy of OPEC countries only.

Biden also under pressure

  • Biden visited Saudi Arabia in July. About two months later, OPEC countries led by Saudi Arabia decided to reduce crude oil production. It is being said that America will definitely respond to this act.
  • The statement of Senator Bob Mendez, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the US Senate, may increase Saudi Arabia’s concerns. Bob said – the Biden administration should immediately stop the supply of all weapons to Saudi Arabia.
  • The G20 heads of state will meet next month in Bali, Indonesia. Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will also be present at this summit. Joe Biden will also be here. It is not yet decided whether Putin will meet separately with the head of state of another country.

India may also be affected by OPEC’s decision
Saudi Arabia says it has cut production to keep international oil prices stable. This decision is not related to support or opposition to any country, but it can have an impact on India. This is because India imports 80% of its crude oil to meet its requirement.

OPEC countries supply 60% of India’s crude oil requirement. These include Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela. All these countries are founding members of OPEC. Obviously, most of India’s oil needs are met from these countries.

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