Big Reform for Women in Saudi Arabia! Saudi Arabia is going to hire woman train drivers for the first time tlifw

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  • Saudi Arabia took another step to improve the condition of women
  • Now women will become train drivers and drive trains
  • Saudi train drivers to travel to holy cities

Saudi Arabia is taking new steps every day to improve the image of its Muslim conservative country at the global level. Now this will be the first time in Saudi Arabia that women will run the train. A railway company has come out with an advertisement for the recruitment of women train drivers. The surprising thing is that the company has received 28 thousand applications for the recruitment of 30 women train drivers.

The rail company says that the successful candidates will run high-speed trains between the holy cities of Mecca and Medina after a year of training. This is the first time in a conservative Muslim country that a train driver’s advertisement has been taken out for women.

For decades, Saudi Arabia had some of the world’s fewest women leaving their homes and becoming part of the workforce. But the situation has improved in recent years. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to reduce Saudi reliance on oil. He is trying to improve the image of his country to attract foreign investment and tourists and he has also made changes in many laws of the country regarding this.

Saudi is also trying to get ahead of the competition from all the Gulf countries and for this it is also using its female workforce. In the last few years, the number of women working outside their homes in Saudi has increased.

Earlier women were not allowed to drive

Women were previously not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia but the government has now lifted this ban. Women can now travel without any male relative.

The result of such changes is that the participation of women in the workforce has almost doubled to 33% in the last five years. More women entered jobs than men in the first half of last year.

However, according to a study published last year by the US-based think tank Brookings Institute, men still hold a higher number of jobs in public sector jobs.

In order to increase the participation of women in the public sector, the railway company has decided to appoint women train drivers. This work is being done in Saudi by the Spanish rail company Renfe.

Saudi Arabia is trying to get out of the conservative mindset towards women and for this many types of social reforms are being done but a lot still needs to be done.
In Saudi Arabia, women still need the permission of a male guardian to get married, come out of prison, and get treated for certain diseases.

Human rights activists say that women also face discrimination in decisions related to marriage, family, divorce and children.

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