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Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rojic has become the life of Bigg Boss within a week. Abdu is getting love from all over the country. People have fallen in love with him. Abdu has also become a favorite of Salman Khan. Abdu is considered to be the cutest and most adorable contestant in the history of Bigg Boss. But do you know that little Abdu has faced many difficulties.

When the teacher used to beat Abdu in school
Abdu has made many revelations of his life in an interview given to YouTuber Anas Bukhash. Abdu told how many difficulties he has faced. Abdu was expelled from school because of his short height. Recalling the old days, Abdu told that once his school teacher had beaten him very badly. Abdu said that once during a game he had accidentally thrown a piece of paper at a girl, after which his school teacher hit him badly. The girl had complained to the school teacher about Abdu and then the teacher had beaten Abdu so badly that he had suffered many injuries. Abdu’s face and ears were swollen. Abdu considers it the worst memory of his school.

Senior boys in school also used to harass Abdu
Abdu told that everything was fine in the initial days of school, but as she started growing things also started changing. Abdu said that his classmates were good with him, but the senior boys of the school used to harass and beat him. Abdu said – He used to stop and kill me. I didn’t tell them anything. I knew that God was watching. I used to go home and cry because I could not kill them.

Talking about his singing, Abdu said that when he was young, he used to listen to famous singers, inspired by them, Abdu started singing in his childhood at the age of 7-8 years. Abdu said that in the beginning he used to sing in the markets.

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