Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu Rozik reveals harsh trolling people call me kachra motivates mc stan tmovh

There is only one contestant in Bigg Boss 16 who is winning everyone’s heart. Abdu was engrossed in Salman Khan’s show from day one. Abdu Rojic is 19 years old, but everyone is surprised to see his maturity. Abdu’s understanding of short stature and attitude of looking at life in a positive way is making fans his admirers. In the last episode itself, see how Abdu motivated MC Stan with his knowledge.

Abdu Rojic enlightens MC Stan

There was a funny moment between MC Stan and Abdu Rojic. Ever since MC Stan has come on the show, he has been doing very low sound. They participate less in any activity. MC Stan is also eliminated for this week. Bigg Boss gave a chance to save himself, which MC Stan had also lost. After this he was disappointed and felt that he would be out of the show. Then Abdu Rojic comes to him and motivates him.

What did Abdu Rojic say?

During this, the pain of Abdu Rojic also spills out. He tells how people used to troll him on social media. Make bad comments for them. But still they keep positive attitude towards life. Abdu said- I do not want money and fame. A lot of people come to my Instagram and write wrong things about me. Somebody says, you are garbage, make bad and very bad comments. But all this makes me strong.

“Life cannot always be full of happiness. It will also have bad moments. I like Bigg Boss because I am getting to know about people and other things here. Outside my name is Abdu Rojic and I am a celebrity but here we are all the same. Here you are working, cleaning, all the household work has to be done. You can’t always be a superstar and you can’t always have money. It will not happen all the time that you will have people working around you.

This thing said by Abdu in the show is very much liked. This word of Abdu is winning the hearts of the people. Abdu Rojic dominates the house inside and out. Abdu is trending on social media.

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