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The first Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 16 will also be different like this season. This will happen for the first time when host Salman Khan will have dinner among the contestants inside the house. This has never been seen in reality shows before. This new twist has excited the fans. But see there, in our neighboring country too, there are discussions about having dinner with the contestants of Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss 16 discussion in Pakistan

The main thing is that the picture of Salman’s dinner with the contestants in Pakistan is going viral. People say that the makers of Bigg Boss have copied the Pakistani show Tamasha. Well how, let’s know. You will remember this year in Pakistan also a show made on a format like Big Boss has started. Whose name is Tamasha. It was hosted by Adnan Siddiqui, senior actor of Pakistani cinema. Adnan has shared a post on Insta. In which it is written – For the first time Salman Khan is having dinner with the contestants in Bigg Boss house and is hosting Weekend Ka Vaar from inside the house. Just like Adnan Siddiqui did in Tamasha.

Adnan took a jibe at whom?

After Adnan gave air to this matter, this matter has become bigger. Adnan Siddiqui’s caption from above also draws people’s attention. It is written in the caption – My dear friends / critics, I lose my case. With this, the actor has created Hands Folding Emoji and Wink Eye Emoji. This comment of Adnan is believed to be a response to the allegations when his show was trolled and told to be a copy of Indian Big Boss.

Adnan Siddiqui’s post

How did people react?

People are getting mixed reactions in the comments section. Taking a jibe at the Pakistani show Tamasha, the user wrote – Brother, you have copied his entire show, he cannot even have a dinner. is peculiar. Many others said that Bigg Boss is also a copy of Big Brother, so it would be wrong to call Tamasha a copy. If Pakistan has tried some new show then people should appreciate it. Indian fan wrote- You printed the entire show, we can’t do one thing? Another writes – You are copying Big Boss with a tamasha. Is this a joke? The person writes – Adnan used to go inside the house 10 times in every episode, what happens to you when Salman leaves once.

What do you have to say on this issue, have the Bigg Boss makers stolen the angle from the Pakistani show Tamasha?

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