Bigg Boss 16: Gori Nagori gets hurt during captaincy task fights with ankit priyanka tmopp

The house of Bigg Boss has got a new captain. Before the captaincy task, Bigg Boss scolded Gautam Vij and removed him from the post of captain. He said that Gautam is playing in his name. this is not right. Bigg Boss removed Gautam from the post of captain and said that now the new captain of the house has to be chosen. He said that Shaleen and Gautam will not participate in this task. The family members together chose Shiv and Priyanka to be the captains and then there was a fight between the two.

Ghori got hurt in the task

Shiv and Priyanka were given an interesting task to become the captains. A wooden mountain for both was kept in the garden area. Both had to put the pieces of their color one after the other. Only the claimant could do this work. The other family members could have helped their claimant in any way to win. But he was forbidden to touch the pieces of wood. Gautam was the director of this task.

Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia started spoiling this task. He dropped Priyanka’s wooden pieces from the water. After this, Archana dropped the pieces of wood planted by Shiva. Stan and Gori were also bent on spoiling Priyanka’s task with Nimrat. Meanwhile, Ankit was going to spoil Shiva’s task with water and Ghori was snatching the bucket from his hand. Ghori was shocked and she fell on the ground. After this she rubbed on the ground and started crying loudly. Gori later spoiled Priyanka’s task. Nimrat and Ghori were after Priyanka and Archana-Ankit were behind Shiva.

Shiv became the captain of the house

Later Sajid Khan was seen explaining to Ghori. Ghori said that Ankit Gupta pushed him. But Sajid said that he had definitely caught the bucket but no one has done anything intentionally. Ankit did not drop them intentionally. All this has happened in the process of doing the task. After this the task went ahead and Shiva won. The new captain of the house is Shiva. He has also given his new duty to the family members. It remains to be seen what new family members do this week.

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