Bigg Boss 16: In front of Salman Khan, Archana asked MC Stan for 80 thousand shoes, see what happened then – Bigg Boss 16 Archana Gautam Mc stan romance salman khan Rashmika Mandanna tmovb

The first Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 16 is going to be a lot of fun. You must have seen a small glimpse of it on Friday. Rashmika Mandanna and Neena Gupta are going to participate in Saturday’s episode. For the first time on the stage of Bigg Boss, the audience will get to see the fun of Salman and Rashmika. Meanwhile, Salman will give a fun task to Archana Gautam. In this task, he has to impress MC Stan and take his expensive shoes.

salman’s fun with archana
Bikini model Archana Gautam, who is known as ‘Sunny Leone of South’, will be given a big task in Weekend Ka Vaar. Describing Archana Gautam as a task, Salman puts a condition in front of her. He says to Archana, you can pick up an item of your choice from every room. Apart from this, I will send you two milk bags from here. Instead, you will have to get 80 thousand shoes from M Stan.

Hearing this condition of Salman Khan, everyone starts laughing out loud. After this Archana gets on with her work. She tells the rapper to look in my eyes. Meanwhile, Salman Khan says that ‘don’t look MC Stan in the eyes. Ruba is watching’. Archana says ‘look in your eyes, don’t you’. This fun of Salman Khan, Archana Gautam and MC Stan makes everyone laugh. Now it has to be seen whether Archana manages to get the rapper’s shoes or not?

Who will win Rashmika Mandanna’s heart
Rashmika is coming on the stage of Bigg Boss for the first time, so how should she be allowed to go like this. First, Salman Khan will dance with him on the song Sami-Sami. After this, Pushpa will be seen calling the famous ‘Main Jhukega Nahi’ dialogue of the film from the contestants of Bigg Boss house. Rashmika laughs after seeing MC Stan, Ankit Gupta and Abdu Rojic speaking the dialogues.

Now it has to be seen which of these contestants wins the heart of the actress. By the way, Rashmika has already told Abdu as her favorite. Rashmika and Neena Gupta are coming to promote Goodbye on Bigg Boss.

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