Bigg Boss 16: Karan Johar lashes out at Gori Nagori as she threatens Archana Gautam bigg boss 16 salman khan tmovb on ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’

Bigg Boss fans are eagerly waiting for ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. He may not watch the show for the whole week, but never miss ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. The biggest reason for this is Salman Khan. Salman Khan comes on the weekend and calculates the fights and fights that took place throughout the week. Well this weekend you are not going to get Salman, but Karan Johar on the show. The promo of the show is out. And as soon as Karan Johar comes, he is taking classes for the family members.

Karan took over the command of Bigg Boss
Salman Khan has got dengue. For this reason, the command of the show has now been given to Karan Johar, who also hosted ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. In the promo, Karan Johar is seen hosting ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. This weekend, Karan will be seen talking about the feud between Archana Gautam and Gori Nagori. Karan tells Ghori that the provocative things he did were intended to hurt or not. He also threatened Bigg Boss. Karan asked a direct question, ‘Gori do you have to stay in the house or go out?’. You know what Karan said to Ghori. Now know why he said such a thing to Ghori.

Ghori unhappy with Archana becoming captain
Bigg Boss has fired Shiv Thackeray from the post of Captain. After Shiv, Bigg Boss has made Archana the new captain of the house. However, becoming a captain is no less than a punishment for Archana. All the members of Bigg Boss house were seen standing against Archana. Gori’s name comes first in this list. Gori is leaving no chance to prove Archana’s captaincy wrong.

In the upcoming episode, she will be seen fighting with Archana without any reason. Gori first brings fruits from Archana’s room and eats it in front of her. When Archana reacts to this, Gori starts complaining to Bigg Boss. They even get into a scuffle. Seeing Ghori, it is clear that she is provoking Archana to fight. Angered by this act of Shakira of Haryana, Karan will be seen telling her a lot of lies in Weekend Ka Vaar.

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