Bigg Boss 16 written update Day 12: Shaleen tells Tina I love you, Archana scared Shalin by becoming ‘Bhootni’ – Bigg Boss 16 written update day 12 Shalin says I love you tina datta archana scared shalin tmovk

Wednesday’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ saw a lot of ups and downs. The way the debate and fight took place between Archana Gautam and MC Stan was worth watching. At the same time, seeing the love that is growing between Shaleen Bhanot and Tina Dutta, the fans are hoping that something will be cooked between the two very soon. Priyanka Chahar’s game also seems to be moving forward very strongly. Read Updates…

Something seems to be happening between Tina Dutta and Shaleen Bhanot. Perhaps love is finally flourishing in the Bigg Boss house.

Soundarya and Gautam had a rift
There was a rift between Soundarya and Gautam. Now Gautam is running away from Soundarya. Soundarya called Gautam for weight training but he ignored. Gautam went and spoke his mind to Nimrit that she was openly flirting with Shaleen. This is insulating for me. After this, Shaleen got Soundarya exercised.

During lunch, Gautam had great fun with Shaleen. He was seen teasing Shaleen in the name of Tina. Meanwhile, Sumbul was also present.

Gautam was called by ‘Bigg Boss’ and cleared the matter regarding ration in the house. ‘Bigg Boss’ said Soundarya is Vegan, and Shaleen needs Chicken Diet. Accordingly, Bigg Boss has changed the ration of the house. It doesn’t mean that there is everything for one. At the same time, Bigg Boss explained Gautam in the name of Tina and Shaleen to Gautam not to spend too much time in someone else’s bedroom.

Abdu’s first Hindi song played in Bigg Boss
All the contestants are sitting on the sofa. Abdu Rojic’s first Hindi song ‘Chhota Bhaijaan’ was played. Everyone enjoyed it a lot with Abdu. Abdu, who was in the form of Salman Khan, was given a lot of love by the family members. Lot of love was showered on his songs. Abdu also thanked Bigg Boss. Along with this, Bigg Boss gave a task to Nimrat and Priyanka Chahar. Both are in the opposition party. Both have been given a phone. In 2 hours’ time, he will have to make a music video with Abdu and the rest of the family. How much time Abdu gives to Priyanka and Nimrat, it will completely depend on the singer. The one who wins this task will be given a special power from Bigg Boss.

The family members got lunch at 7-8 pm
Srijita had the duty of cooking. In such a situation, everyone got food to eat at 7-8 pm. Archana talked to Gautam about this matter. Archana kept saying that if we give lunch at 7-8 o’clock every day, then when will we get dinner. When Archana tells Srijita, the actress keeps saying that today was a task, so it was late. In this, an argument starts between MC Stan and Archana. Archana passes a taunt to the rapper that look, there is no jigra to speak on the mouth, like me in yours. The rappers get irritated on this and a debate ensues.

Priyanka won the privilege
Nimrat and Priyanka took feedback from Sajid Khan about their music video. Sajid liked Priyanka Cha video more. 8 people liked priyanka’s video. Rest 6 people liked Nimrat’s video. Bigg Boss gave the privilege to Priyanka. She can change the bedrooms of the contestants according to her choice. When Priyanka was talking to everyone, Manya told them that Soundarya follows a vegan diet. In such a situation, take them out of the vegan diet room and send them to another room. Priyanka also agrees to this point of Manya somewhere.

Shaleen and Archana will stay in Room of 2. Hearing this, all the people are first surprised, after that they start laughing and laughing.
Priyanka, Ankit, Soundarya and Sumbul will stay in Room of 4.
Nimrat, Tina and Srijita will stay in room 3 and 3.
Gori, Stan, Abdu, Sajid, Shiv and Manya Singh will live in room 6. Priyanka took this entire decision. Bigg Boss called Priyanka in the conference room and asked her what was the reason behind it. Priyanka said about the food. They have shifted according to the way there is ration in the rooms.

Talks are going on between Shaleen and Tina. Then Tina suddenly starts acting like Shaleen. Shaleen, says I love you to Tina. Tina gets silent on this. Shaleen says that if he is out of the house this week, he will ensure that Tina wins the show.

Archana scares Shaleen by becoming a ‘Bhootni’
Priyanka gave the same room to Shaleen and Archana, after which at 12:45 in the night when Archana could not sleep and Shaleen had slept, Tina and Sumbul came to their room and sat down. Archana got up from the bed and started intimidating Shaleen by putting her hair forward. Waking up from a decent sleep, he was so scared that seeing his face, everyone laughed. Archana also did not desist from intimidating him. Even after Shaleen got up, she kept intimidating him.

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