Bigg Boss 16 Written Update Monday Episode: Scuffles…abuse and punishment, this episode was uproar – Bigg Boss 16 Written Update Monday Episode shaleen bhanot archana gautam tmova

In today’s episode of Monday, there was a debate in the house over chicken. There was a scuffle between Shaleen and Archana. Seeing the low stock of chicken in the house, Shaleen started carrying the packet citing his protein intake. Archana started saying that the rest are also going to eat, let me make it. But Shaleen was adamant on stubbornness. There was a lot of debate in the house on this matter.

fight at home

Meanwhile, Nimrit was seen explaining to everyone that no one would eat chicken alone. Everyone will get equal, whatever chicken is there, everyone will get it on one piece. Later in the house, there was also an argument between Soundarya and Archana over the matter of food. Where the limit was crossed between the two. There was also abuse between the contestants. Due to this quarrel between Archana and Soundarya, the atmosphere of the house deteriorated once again.

Today again the task of captaincy was played in Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss removed Nimrit from the post of captain. Bigg Boss said that Nimrit violated many rules while being the captain of the house and did not stop the family members from doing the same. After this, again asked those people who have to become the contenders for the post of Captain. On hearing this, Gautam and Shiva first went and rang the bell and a competition was held between the two. Where both had to carry the basket on the head and the family members would keep their belongings in it. It is to be noted that that stuff should not belong to Bigg Boss.

Gautam became the new captain

Nimrit was made the director of this task. During the task again there was an atmosphere of chaos. Bring a decent Big Boss suitcase, so that by putting it in Shiva’s basket, he can defeat him. Shaleen wanted to take revenge on Shiva. Because Shiva kept dumbbells in his basket at the time of Shaleen. When Archana tried to stop them, Shaleen pushed them. Many people present there saw this.

Gautam was declared the winner of Captain’s Task. Bigg Boss asked Gautam to decide what decision you take knowing everything. On this, Gautam listened to everyone and said that Shaleen is wrong and he does not deserve to live in this house. Bigg Boss punished Shaleen that he would not be a contender for the post of captaincy for two weeks. There will also be nominees.

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