Bigg Boss 16 Written Updates: Nimrit surrounded by group formation, Gautam-Sajid give reality check to Sumbul

Sunday’s episode started with Archana talking to Gautam about the kitchen and all the duties of the house. He said that Gautam had not given duty to the people of his own free will. After this, Abdu was seen washing the dishes. Here Abdu was helped by Sajid Khan. On the other side of the house, Sumbul Tauqeer and Gautam Vij were seen talking.

talk in sumbul-shaleen

Sumbul told Gautam that who put this thing in Shaleen’s mind that he likes actors. Gautam said that this is what Sumbul had shown. After this he told that Shaleen Bhanot had said that he feels suffocated with Sumbul. Later Sumbul asked Shaleen about this. Shaleen said that he is such a person who feels suffocated by being with others. After this he told Sumbul that the thing about kissing Soundarya was also because of Sumbul. It was he who told Gautam that he had to stay away from the actress. After this Tina gave him the idea to give attention to the other girl so that if something happens in Sumbul’s heart for him, then everything would come to the fore and his feelings would end.

Abdu had fun with his family

Abdu talks about Shaleen Bhanot. He said that the decent manipulate others. He is quite a fake. Shaleen and Tina surround Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. Shaleen said that Nimrit had put in his mind about Sumbul. After this he told Gautam that he had lost faith in him. Nimrit, Tina and Gautam tell Shaleen Bhanot that instead of giving air to Sumbul, they should stay away from him. Nimrit said that clapping is played with two hands. He must have made a mistake somewhere. They should accept it after thinking about it and work to improve themselves.

Sajid explained to Sumbul

Sajid Khan and Sumbul Tauqeer were seen talking among themselves. Sumbul said that he has nothing in his heart about Shaleen. Sajid said why she was doing her work. He said that no one is his own in this house. His father was right. You are out of this house. On the other hand, Shaleen told Tina that never play games with her. Tina said that she does not do this. The rest of the family members are playing games with both of them.

Abdu cries remembering his parents

Abdu Rojic was seen having fun with the family members. Abdu asked Sajid that if four of the six people in the room were to be killed, whose life would he take? On this, Sajid jokingly said that he would kill them all four times. After this, Abdu and Shiva put a blanket and killed them in fun. Then Abdu became a doctor and he saw the condition of the family members and made fun of them. Was about to see the fun of the family members with Abdu.

Archana Gautam said that Manya Singh told her that she had come to this house for money. After this Manya shook him. Sajid and Abdu while talking among themselves said that they are missing their parents. Abdu said that he feels alone. He has also cried in the bathroom and near the swimming pool. On this Sajid said that he has no one in this house. His bus is public. If he remains strong then the public will give him love and the family members will keep going one by one but Abdu will stay here. Sajid said that Gori, Archana are good people. Courtesy is good too. To this Abdu said that it is not so.

Shekhar pulled the leg of the family members

After this Shekhar Suman brought Big Bulletin. He started with a lion from Nida Fazli and advised the family members to be friends. He said that it is coming to see that love, friendship, likes and dislikes are flourishing. In his poetic style, Shekhar Suman narrated the condition of the week. Meanwhile, he also took a jibe at the family members. Shekhar said that understanding the complicated relations of the family members, he has gone mad. To understand this, they have to watch the show with their eyes closed. As soon as they understand the relationship, the fucking family members change their relationship.

Shekhar tells Manya that where she is not visible. She is Miss India but India is missing her. They need to participate more. At the same time, told Sumbul that Madhubala was there when she came, now Meena has become Kumari. Sumbul said that she did not understand that she did not have to go to the place where she had come. Now she is wondering how to hit the right track. Shekhar said that all the relationships in this house are incomplete. There are some relationships here where the person in front is showing that even after understanding everything, he does not know anything. Shekhar Suman pulled Tina’s leg in the name of Shaleen.

Nimrit-Shiva asked the audience questions

Shekhar Suman also brought questions from the audience for the family members. A spectator told Nimrit that she is now playing on the back foot. She can do better than the game she is playing. They should not play with the support of Gautam. Nimrit said that it is necessary to stand on one’s own feet. You could not always play from the front. Sajid praised Nimrit. At the same time, Abdu called Nimrit strong. A spectator from Bhopal told Shiva that he was lost among the family members. On this, Shiva said that he has to mold himself according to the house. Shiva says that he is not even having love in the house. He is a single boy throwing flowers on others.

group debate

Nimrit was questioned by an audience about forming a group in the house. She said that she says one thing and goes on to say something else a second time. She does not stick to her own words. She says that she is playing alone and trying to form a group on the other side. He was also accused that Nimrit had taken Gautam’s side to make him the captain. Sajid Khan said that TV actors know each other, so their conversation is good. On this, Gautam clarified that it is not so and all the actors are also knowing each other. There is no group in the house at this time. Soundarya said that it is not a bad thing if there is someone’s group in the house. It shouldn’t be a problem to say that we support each other. In the end, Shekhar tells Nimrit and Shiva that they need to stay strong and focus. The path of Bigg Boss ahead is not easy.

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