Bigg Boss16: Sumbul’s crying is not ending, she is making fun of herself, users said – get out of the show – bigg boss 16 contestant sumbul touqeer khan is a big disappointment know why tmovf

Bigg Boss 16: TV’s Tamarind i.e. Sumbul Tauqeer Khan had entered Bigg Boss in a domineering style. Seeing Sumbul’s entry, people thought that she would make a splash in the show. Fans were also super excited to see their favorite tamarind making a splash, but alas it did not happen. Sumbul became the most boring contestant of the show in the very first week itself. Now even the family members have voted out Sumbul.

Sumbul disappointed everyone

Sumbul befriended Shaleen Bhanot as soon as she stepped into Bigg Boss house and then Sumbul forgot that she had come not to be friends in the show, but to illuminate her father’s name by playing well in the game. Sumbul was completely dependent on Shaleen in the very first week itself. Sumbul would do only what she said decently. Sumbul lost his existence in the show and the purpose of being involved in the game.

Seeing the growing closeness of Sumbul with decent, the news of their linkup became increasingly viral. Everywhere in the house and outside the house, only the relationship between Sumbal and Shaleen started being discussed. Sumbul was seen running after Shaleen and Shaleen was seen getting rid of her. In such a situation, seeing his daughter being made fun of on National TV, Sumbul’s father could not stay. By entering the show himself, he explained to his daughter that he should stay away from Shaleen. Courtesy is not right for them.

Sumbul’s father is sad

Seeing the moist eyes and sadness of Sumbul’s father, the hearts of all the viewers were also broken. People thought that Sumbul would keep distance from Shaleen and Tina for the happiness of father, but alas it did not happen. Sumbul was seen clinging to Shaleen and Tina immediately after her father’s explanation. She was seen giving justification. Seeing Sumbul’s behavior, Salman Khan himself explained to him like a child very lovingly that he does not need to depend on anyone. She can play her own game. But Sumbul neither heeded Salman Khan’s advice nor heeded his father’s tears. Sumbul is still seen running after Shaleen.

Sumbul, who made a domineering entry in Bigg Boss, lost her identity in the first week of the show itself. Sumbul is either seen walking behind Shaleen in the show or crying. After getting reprimanded in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Shaleen has stopped talking to Sumbul. But Sumbul does not like Shaleen to go away from him. She is seen crying over every small and big thing of Shaleen and still considers him as her best friend.

Sumbul angry with Shaleen, then started crying

In the episode shown on Monday night, Sumbul started crying again. The reason for this was that Shaleen did not take Sumbul in the captaincy task of the house. Each member had to name any two members. There was a competition between those two people. When Shaleen was asked, according to the old punishment, he could not take his name. In such a situation, he took the names of Shiva and Tina. Just after that, Sumbul’s own separate daily soap started. She started crying over why Shaleen didn’t take her name. Sajid Khan also explained that there was no difference in taking Shaleen’s name anyway. The whole house doesn’t want you to be the captain. But where was Sumbul going to listen? She said crying, Shaleen and Tina have broken her heart.

After these antics of Sumbul, fans are trolling the actress fiercely on social media. He had to take as much sympathy by telling himself as 19 years old. She has taken. By bringing his father on the show, Shaleen and Tina were also made responsible that they are cheating poor Sumbul, but seeing Sumbul’s cry, it is clear that he himself is in a different world. The toughest competition to Sumbul is 19-year-old Abdu Rojic. Who neither knows the language properly. His stature comes in the way of performing the task. But she is the best in entertaining and doing her work at home. Abdu has become the king of the whole house.

Sumbul made a mistake by coming to the show?

Seeing this behavior of Sumbul, the family members have also started thinking about him that Sumbul has made a mistake by coming on the show. He has no contribution in the show. Sumbul is being trolled fiercely on social media too. Even after the father’s refusal, Sumbul is not going away from Shaleen. In such a situation, the anger of people is erupting on him. Sumbul has been disappointing the audience since day one. There is no passion to play the game and no mood to entertain the audience.

Sumbul has become the weakest player of the show. Many people feel that Sumbul has made a big mistake by coming on the show, because seeing his attitude, his fans have also started turning against him. When Sumbul did not understand his father’s point, then it is difficult to say when and how he will understand his game. Let’s see how long the tamarind of TV lasts in the show. By the way, what is your opinion about Sumbul?

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