Both the teams are heavy on each other, know the strengths and weaknesses of 22 players. World Cup India Vs Pakistan Probable Playing 11Players List; Rohit Sharma Virat Kohli Babar Azam | Mohammed Rizwan

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The T20 World Cup has started on October 16, but the Super-12 matches will start from today. India will take on Pakistan in their first match on 23 October in Melbourne. It is being called the final before the final.

Let us know which 11-11 players can get a chance from both the teams. Also, know how is the track record of these players in T20 International cricket. What are their strengths and weaknesses.

First of all let us know that the Possible Playing-11 of India and Pakistan…

Now see the track record of all the players… starting with the openers


Rohit Sharma- Can bat aggressively. From the very first over, he tries to bring the bowler and the opposition team under pressure. If he gets the first ball too loose, then he looks to get it across the boundary. This year he has scored runs at an average of 141.28.

Babar Azam- Stroking player. His cover drives are compared to that of Virat Kohli. He is very cool on the field. His form is amazing. There is consistency in his batting. This year he has scored 611 runs in 19 matches.


Rohit Sharma- Hitman is one of the best batsmen in the world on the straight ball, but when the ball swings after hitting the ball, then there is a problem for Rohit Sharma. If he is bowled continuously coming in, he loses his wicket. Stuck in front of left arm bowlers.

Babar Azam- The captain of Pakistan takes time to stay on the field. In such a situation, the strike rate of this player gets spoiled. Because of this pressure comes on other batsmen as well. Babar has been seen losing wickets several times on in-swing and leg-spinner’s googlies.


KL Rahul- This player has all kinds of shots. Their strike rate does not decrease once it is set. Plays both fast bowler and spin bowler well.

Mohammed Rizwan- Gives a good start to the team. Skilled in playing big innings. Finish the match too. At present, he is the number 1 batsman in the world in T20 cricket. This year Rizwan has scored 821 runs in 18 matches at an average of 54.73.


KL Rahul- Rahul flops in big matches of big tournaments. This trend continues from the 2019 ODI World Cup. In the semi-final against New Zealand, Rahul was dismissed for 1 run. At the same time, only 3 runs came from his bat against Pakistan in the 2021 T20 World Cup.

Mohammed Rizwan- Trying to score more in the leg side, catches are stopped many times., It is difficult to play the ball coming in.


Virat Kohli- The former captain of Team India is currently in excellent form in T20 cricket. In the last match of the Asia Cup, he scored 122 runs in 61 balls. Even in the T20 World Cup, this player’s bat speaks fiercely. Virat has scored runs in T20 cricket at an average of 76.

Fakhar Zaman- Fakhar’s bat runs a lot against India. He led the team to victory in the match by scoring a scintillating century against India in the final of the 2017 Champions Trophy. Fakhar scored 114 runs in 106 balls in the match. Whether it is a fast bowler or a spin ball, Fakhar specializes in hitting big shots.


Virat Kohli- He gets caught in front of the ball going outside the off-stump and has been out on this ball many times. Doesn’t play left arm fast bowler and leg spinner well.

Fakhar Zaman- Fitness is not supporting him. Coming back from injury. The form is also not with them. There is a lot of difficulty in playing the inswing ball.


Suryakumar Yadav- The performance of this player in 2022 has been amazing. He has scored 801 runs this year at a strike rate of 184. Surya is a 360 degree player of Team India. Surya is adept at playing all kinds of shots. From Natarajan to helicopter shots against spin and fast bowlers.

Hyder Ali- This player remains in the Pakistan Super League. Haider, who specializes in playing big shots, has scored 497 runs in 31 matches. Haider can prove to be the best batsman in the team’s middle order in this World Cup.


Suryakumar Yadav- Can not perform well in front of left arm fast bowler. The performance in the big matches was nothing special.

Hyder Ali- Struggling with poor form. This year he has scored just 91 runs in 10 matches at an average of 11.


Hardik Pandya- Control of speed in spin bowling, drop the tap in the right place. There are good finishers.

Shadab Khan- Spin bowlers hit big sixes. To score fast runs, the Pakistan team also sends them up the batting order. Whenever needed, the team takes out wickets.


Hardik Pandya- Less impact in Australia. Runs at an economy of 10.91. Injury does not leave chase, was unable to bowl due to injury in the 2021 World Cup.

Shadab Khan- If there is a run in the starting over, then he cannot come back. The performance of this player against India has not been special. He has been able to take only 3 wickets in 3 T20 matches.

Dinesh Karthik-
Team India’s finisher Karthik has scored runs at a strike rate of 150.82 this year. Karthik can hit big shots in the last overs. Team India has given him the role to finish the match, which he is playing very brilliantly.

Iftikhar Ahmad- Iftikhar contributes from Pakistan both in bowling and batting. In batting, he plays the role of anchor. At the same time, in bowling, he takes out wickets in the middle overs.


Dinesh Karthik- Karthik has not done anything special in the big tournament so far. It is only after IPL 2022 that the team management has reposed faith in him. Before that he was not even a part of the team.

Iftikhar Ahmad- Iftikhar has been a flop with the bat this year. He has scored 282 runs this year at an average of 117.


Akshar Patel- Bowls well in the power play and middle overs and takes wickets. Can also bat if needed. In 2022, he has performed well in all three formats of cricket.

Mohammad Nawaz- This year has batted at a strike rate of 137. He is adept at sending the ball outside the boundary. They become dangerous in power-play in bowling. With his spin bowling, he sends the top batsmen to the pavilion. This year he has taken 19 wickets in 18 matches.


Axar Patel – No experience of playing in big tournaments. Ravindra Jadeja has also come in the World Cup team after injury.

Mohammad Nawaz- After hitting a couple of boundaries, the shots start bowling on the pitch. The batsman takes advantage of this and hits big shots. This year he has given runs at an economy of around 8.


Bhuvneshwar Kumar- He is adept at swinging the ball. In the power play, the team is given wickets by taking them out. 10 years experience in T20 cricket. He is the highest wicket-taker for Team India in Asia Cup.

Haris Rauf- This Pakistan fast bowler is in excellent form this year. In 16 matches, this player has taken 23 wickets at an average of 20.21. Haris can bowl at speeds of 145 to 150.


Bhuvneshwar Kumar- Very expensive in the death overs. His performance in big tournaments has not been anything special. In the Asia Cup, the team had to face defeat due to poor bowling in his death over against Pakistan.


Arshdeep Singh- Young bowlers. He bowls brilliantly in the death overs and power play.

Naseem Shah- Impressed everyone with his superb bowling in the Asia Cup. Can bowl at the speed of 145. He is adept at hitting big sixes.


Arshdeep Singh- No experience playing in Australia. It is difficult to come back after getting runs in the opening over.

Naseem Shah- Once the line length breaks, any batsman can play big shots.


Mohammed Shami- He is adept at bowling both seam and swing. There is also experience of playing in Australia.

Shaheen Afridi- Can trouble India’s batsmen. Rohit-Rahul find it difficult to play left-arm bowlers. He proves to be effective in the death and starting overs.


Mohammed Shami- Returning to International T20 cricket after 1 year. Economy is 10 in T20 International cricket.

Shaheen Afridi- Proves expensive in the last overs. In the process of throwing a yorker, the ball remains a shot and the batsman sends the ball outside the boundary.


Yuzvendra ChahalIt will be difficult to score runs against him on the big ground of Australia. He is one of the best leg spinners in the world in T20 cricket. Throwing outside the off-stump troubles the big batsmen.

Mohammad Hasnain- Young bowlers and the speed is above 140. He also has experience of playing in Big Bash League.


Yuzvendra ChahalThis year the form is not supporting. In 19 T20 matches, only 21 wickets have been taken. Economy is also more than 7.

Mohammad Hasnain- Questions have been raised regarding the bowling action. In such a situation, after changing the action, most matches prove to be expensive.

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