Boyfriend was suspicious, after breakup girlfriend took ‘revenge’ like this! – Girlfriend used doubt boyfriend breakup happened then Kill him tsty

The model murdered the boyfriend by stabbing him, in fact the model had a breakup with the boyfriend. The model also used to doubt the boyfriend. Surprisingly, this girl had stabbed her boyfriend even a week before the murder. At present, the hearing of the case is going on in the court.

The accused woman Abigail White had stabbed her boyfriend Bradley Lewis to death in South Gloucestershire (UK). During a hearing at Bristol Crown Court, prosecutors said 24-year-old Abigail lied to police. Abigail also called the ambulance from her house after killing her boyfriend, but Lewis could not survive and died during treatment in the hospital.

Lewis died on 25 March this year. There was only one mark of a stabbing knife on his body. When the police had arrested Abigail on suspicion of murder in this case, he had categorically refused. But, now during the hearing before the court, he admitted that he had murdered the boyfriend.

Abigail used to display herself on social media as ‘Fake Barbie’, apart from this she also shared her private and intimate images on social media under the nickname Mitzi Lewis.

Bradley Lewis was killed by his girlfriend (Credit: Bradley Lewis)

During the hearing in the court, it came to light that Abigail had badly injured her boyfriend only after coming from the pub. The investigation also revealed that Abigail did not have control over her anger. At the same time, a few days before the incident, she had stabbed her boyfriend.

When Abigail allegedly stabbed her boyfriend, she was screaming that he could not breathe. This voice was also heard by a neighboring lady named Laura Condi. When she entered the house, she saw Lewis lying in the kitchen. During the hearing it also came to light that Abigail tried to clean the house.

However, the post-mortem report revealed that there was only one injury mark on Lewis’ body. Which was about 3 inches deep. The hearing of this matter is going on in the court.

Voice messages become vital evidence
During interrogation to the police, Abigail had clearly told that he had no hand in the murder. But, the police got some voice messages in which it was clearly heard that Abigail was angry with her boyfriend, who she considered unfaithful. Abigail suspected that her boyfriend was betraying her.

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