braless Urfi Javed removes coat in public at airport covers breast stomach with thread boldest airport look | At the airport in a braless dress, Urfi took off the coat in front of everyone! Wrapping cords on the body..

Urfi Javed Video: Urfi Javed’s public appearances are quite interesting because every time Urfi comes wearing something strange and unique. Sometimes clothes, sometimes conch, glass or silver work, Urfi’s outfits are always different. Urfi was seen at the airport some time ago where this beauty was wearing a coat over her braless outfit. At the airport, Urfi took off his coat as soon as he came in front of the camera and as soon as the blazer landed in front of everyone, it is seen that Urfi has wrapped cords around his body.

At the airport in a braless dress, Urfi took off the coat in front of everyone!

Urfi was seen at the airport this time at a braless airport. Here Urfi was wearing a coat over the outfit. When this actress, who was a contestant of Bigg Boss OTT, came out of Mumbai airport, once posing, she took off her coat in front of everyone and gave it to her team.

Urfi wrapped cords around her body.

As soon as Urfi’s coat came off, it was shown how Urfi’s dress is actually. You will be surprised to see the video that Urfi had only cords wrapped around her body. On the lower side, the actress wore a proper mini skirt, but on the upper side, she was wearing only a net of cords. People are commenting, good and bad, on this Braless Dori look of Urfi.

Not only this, Urfi had put big dark glasses on his face. While talking to Paps, he also told that he cannot see properly because of these glasses but because he looks good, he is wearing it. Urfi’s hair is tied and she has also hung rings tied with hair on her forehead.

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