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Brazil Landslides: While there has been an outcry due to Coronavirus, people are also facing problems due to other natural calamities in many parts of the world. Now a shocking video has surfaced from Brazil. Where there is devastation due to landslides and floods.

The death toll from landslides and floods continues to rise in the city of Petropolis in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro state governor Claudio Castro said after visiting the disaster area that with 240 mm in just 2 hours it was the heaviest rain since 1932.

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According to the report, more than 50 landslides were caused by heavy rains on Tuesday in the mountainous city located about 68 km north of Rio de Janeiro city. After this, in 6 hours, more than expected rain was seen in Petropolis throughout February. Which prompted the mayor’s office to declare a state of public disaster.

So far many people have lost their lives due to this disaster, while many people are still missing. Along with this, a lot of damage has also been seen here. At the same time, a warning has been issued for more rain in the city on Thursday and Friday amid the rainy season in the southeastern region of Brazil.

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