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Brazil Rains & Landslides Death Toll Rises: The death toll from floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro has risen to 78. Local officials have given this information by issuing a statement on Wednesday morning. Petropolis is the most affected by this natural disaster, where relief and rescue operations are still going on. Here Mayor Rubens Bomtempo says that ‘the number of casualties (dead) may increase. So far, 21 people have been successful in rescuing them safely. Significantly, this region had received heavy rains in 2011 as well. Then hundreds of people died due to rain.

Amid relief and rescue operations on Wednesday, 49-year-old Roslyn Virgilio could not stop crying as she could not forget the pain of a woman trapped in the rubble, whom she could not save. He told, “Yesterday a woman was shouting for help. Get me out of here. But, we could not do anything. Debris of water and soil was sinking in.” He said, “Unfortunately our city has been ruined.”

Governor Claudio Castro told reporters on Wednesday that it was a “war-like situation” and that he was getting all possible help, including heavy machinery, from neighboring states to clear debris from the affected areas. The state fire department said in a statement late Tuesday that 180 soldiers were involved in the rescue operation.

The department said that the area received 25.8 cm of rain within three hours of the day, which is equal to the rainfall received in the previous 30 days. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who is visiting Russia, tweeted that he has instructed his ministers to immediately help those affected by the rains.

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