Brock Lesnar creates new history in Elimination Chamber 2022, defeats 4 Superstars to become the new champion of WWE

Elimination Chamber 2022 saw a great fight for the WWE Championship. Six Superstars took part in the Chamber Match for the WWE Championship. The ending of this chamber match was also very interesting. Brock Lesnar won the match and won the WWE Championship. Once again Brock Lesnar made history.

WWE legend Brock Lesnar finally took a toll on The Austin Theory

Bobby Lashley defended his WWE Championship in this event against Brock Lesnar, Riddle, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles and Austin Theory. The match started with Seth Rollins and Austin Theory. Both attacked each other a lot. During this, Seth Rollins picked up Theory and threw it into Bobby Lashley’s chamber. Lashley got injured and was ruled out of the match. Seeing this, however, everyone was shocked.

Riddle then entered the chamber. Riddle spoils Rollins and Theory. Then came AJ Styles. He also used very good moves. Brock did not stay inside the chamber with Lesnar for long and he broke out of the chamber. As soon as he came out, he eliminated Rollins and Riddle. After this AJ Styles was also eliminated.

Had a lot of fun at the end of the match. Lesnar made the Austin theory very bad. Perhaps even Theory would not have thought of this. Theory gave low blow to Lesnar during this time but he did not make much difference. Lesnar throws Theory down from 15 feet up. After this the condition of Austin Theory worsened. Lesnar won this match quite easily. Lesnar took part in a chamber match for the first time in his career. In the very first match, he gave a strong performance and won. Lesnar also celebrated this victory in a special way. Going out of the ring, he took photographs with the fans. The fans also cheered Lesnar in a tremendous way.

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