Call of Duty: Mobile Update – New map with zombie mode in the game, know details

Call of Duty: Mobile is going to have a new update on 12 October 2022, with which the zombie mode will return to the game. Season 9 of the game has been named Zombies Are Back and with it players will be given zombie action in two modes, which will include Zombies Classic and Super Attack of the Undead. A new multiplayer map – Haunted Hacienda will also be added with the new update of the game. Apart from this, many new features will also be given to the players in the new version. The game developer has given information about all these changes. Let us know in detail about the new update of Call of Duty: Mobile. Also Read – Zombies Classic Mode will be back in Call of Duty Mobile, know the details

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 – Zombies Are Back

Battle Pass Free Tiers: The Season 9 Battle Pass will begin with Call of Duty’s October update, titled Zombies Are Back. It will get the option of free and premium pass as usual. The free pass will get the Classic Remote Detonated at Tier 14 and Krig 6 Assault Rifle at Tier 21. Apart from this, players can also win items like Camo, Weapon Blueprint, Calling Card and Misty Siege. Also Read – The wait for Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is over, will get the biggest map and new game mode

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Battle Pass Premium Tiers: The Premium Pass will include new operator skins Kui Ji — Sapporo Stealth, Domino — Carbon Smoke, Zero — Dark Sails and Merc 5 — Sea Monster. Apart from this, players will also be able to get weapon blueprints of ICR-1, SKS, GKS, Chopper and the new Krig 6.

Zombies: Zombies Classic and Super Attack of the Undead modes will be added to the game with COD Mobile’s October update. Zombies Classic mode will be added to the game’s Shi No Numa or Swamp of Death map, where players will have to avoid a horde of zombies. In Super Attack of the Undead mode, one of the players will be on the side of the zombie. The game will go on until one of the sides wins.

Multiplayer Map – Haunted Hacienda: A new multiplayer map Haunted Hacienda will be added to the new version of Call of Duty: Mobile. The highlight here is a castle, in which players can fight among themselves in or around the area.

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