Casting director said ‘cool actor’, after 12 years of struggle, this is how Annu Bhaiya of ‘Gullak’ got recognition – Gullak annu bhaiya aka Vaibhav Raj Gupta struggle 12 years casting director call him thanda actor tmovk

Despite being in the industry for 12 years, Vaibhav Raj Gupta failed to make his mark, but when the ‘Gullak’ web series came on Sony Liv, the character Annu Bhaiya, who played in it, left his mark on everyone’s heart. Three seasons of ‘Gullak’ have arrived. Makers are still in preparation for the fourth. Soon Vaibhav Raj Gupta is going to be seen in the web series ‘Good Bad Girl’. Talking about Vaibhav’s career, he has been Mr. Sitapur. In the year 2017, he got a job in the film ‘Acharachkit’. This was also his debut film. Talking about the debut web series, it was ‘Strugglers’.

Where is Vaibhav from?
By the way, Vaibhav is from Beniganj, Hardoi. But he came to become an actor in the city of Mumbai, the world of dreams. Vaibhav did his studies up to the seventh standard from Saraswati Vidya Mandir. After this he shifted to Sitapur with the whole family. He completed his studies from Sumitra College and RPF Degree College. Went to Mumbai, the city of dreams. Going there, he got a graduation degree in Mass Communication from the ‘School of Broadcast Communication’. Vaibhav’s family was middle class.

struggling career
Younger brother Amrit Raj Gupta is a director by profession. From the very beginning, Vaibhav watched cinema with his brother and family. As a child, Vaibhav had a dream of becoming an actor. When I felt less in my studies, I started teaching tuitions to the children in Sitapur. Sitapur Mahotsav was held in the year 2007, in which Vaibhav Mr. Sitapur was elected. After this, he started getting offers from modeling, but did not show any special scope, then left modeling. Vaibhav’s father used to travel frequently to Mumbai on behalf of the Sahara India family. Vaibhav came to Mumbai to get his degree.

friend cheated
The friend with whom Vaibhav was staying had switched off his phone. Vaibhav landed at Dadar railway station and another friend came to mind. Vaibhav had only 1200 rupees in his pocket. So it is very difficult to survive in Mumbai. The friend came to the railway station and took them to the flat. The condition of the flat was so bad that Vaibhav started sweating seeing it. After spending five days with that friend, he saw some sort of place for himself. Vaibhav joined a theater in Kandivali. The first three years spent in Mumbai were spent in Vaibhav’s life in such a way that he understood things about the city. He used to do theatre, so Vaibhav did his first play ‘Agni Barkha’ in Mumbai. After doing theater for about 6-7 years, Vaibhav started earning money. He earned money not by acting, but by distributing pamphlets of NGOs at the railway station. For this Vaibhav used to get eight thousand rupees a month.

How did you get ‘Gullak’ web series?
If the younger brother is the director, it is because of him that Vaibhav got the ‘Gullak’ series. Actually, one day Vaibhav asked Bhai that will I audition? To this the brother said that I am looking for a little desi boy for the web series. You look very urban. But when he took the audition, Vaibhav was finalized by his brother. Today ‘Gullak’ is in preparation for its fourth season. Vaibhav’s life changed since this web series. People now take him seriously. Respect their work. Production houses also call him with scripts.

Casting director said ‘cool actor’
As Vaibhav is proving himself in the field of acting. By the way, the audition process is also becoming less for them. Vaibhav, who impressed by acting on the screen, now signs by reading the script directly. Vaibhav also recalled his time during an interview when he was rejected by the casting director as a ‘cool actor’ four years ago. He was greatly hurt by this.

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