Chhello Show Review: Chhello Show is the story of a poor child’s high dreams, slow pace put brakes on a good film

The Gujarati language film Chhelo Show (The Last Film Show) has been sent from India to the Oscar Awards. Pan Nalin (Nalinkumar Ramniklal Pandya) is the director of this film and before that he has made films like Samsara and Angry Indian Goddesses.

Chhelo Show movie is the story of a boy named Samay who comes from a very poor family. His father has a tea stall at Chalala railway station and Samay helps his father in selling tea. The story of the film starts from the moment when Samay goes to the city with his parents and watches the film. Movie Name – Jai Maa Kali Watching movies is forbidden in the family of time. Because he belongs to a Brahmin family and his father does not consider the work of films to be worth any kind of relationship with him. During that entire movie watching experience, time understands that he has to make films. But his father orders him not to bring such thoughts again in his mind. Time is a stubborn child with health and from here begins its revolution.

Now he bunks school and watches movies. He is caught while watching free movies. But its jugaad also comes out and its picture gets set with the projectionist of the hall. In return for the delicious food prepared by his mother, he gets free movement in the projection room and thus begins the love story of time and movies. Time sees different movies, develops understanding about films, about projection and living in a world very different from the world around. Chhelo show is the story of love from this film, lights, colors and stories.

After the Oscar nomination of the Chello show, it was being said that it is a copy of the 1988 Italian film Cinema Paradiso. But after watching the film, it seems that there is no special similarity between the two films except a small child’s love for films and friendship with his projectionist. At the end of the story in the Chhelo show, the single screen theater shifts from the reeled cinema to the digital form and the time seems to be disturbed by it. Whereas there was no such thing at the time of Cinema Paradise. According to Pan Nalin, in fact the story of that child is very similar to his life and as it was shown in the film that time used to steal the reels of films, Pan Nalin also did the same with Amitabh Bachchan’s film in his childhood. . The police was also involved in this whole matter and the person who stole the prints of the film was searched.

Well, the main character of the Chhelo show is Bhavin Rabari as Samay. Bhavin plays the role of a 9-10 year old boy who is blunt and believes in doing his mind. Bhavin looks fit in this role and according to his age, he seems to be very experienced. He has Dipen Rawal as his father who has been active in the Gujarati film and TV industry for a long time. Due to the circumstances and suffering from poverty, he does not knock in the role of father. Very few things have come for his part to say but his silence has also worked. Apart from this, there is also Bhavesh Shrimali who played the role of a projectionist named Fazal working in the picture hall. As long as Fazal is on the screen, you know that something is going to happen. You start envious of him because his character keeps getting to eat very tasty looking food. The way he licks his fingers, you also believe that the food really tasted as much as it seemed. Apart from this, Richa Meena has played the role of Samay’s mother, who has appeared in films like Daddy, Mardaani 2.

The story of the film is very simple. No shun-shan has been included in its treatment as well. The film is confined to Chalala Railway Station, Samay’s Ghar and nearby places and picture hall. The most solid side that is seen in this journey of about two and a half hours is the scenes of this film. The film is very pleasing to the eyes. The hand behind this is Swapnil S Sonawane who has worked on films like Sacred Games and Newton. The way Swapnil has shown the world of greenery, ponds, ruined buildings, railway tracks etc. in and around it leaves an impression on you.

With all this the slow pace of the film has a loose side. There are many sequences that seem cumbersome. Due to these, the film seems a bit long and even if you do not want to, ‘Time kitna hua hai?’ Questions like this start to arise. Another thing that seems a bit wrong is the apparent poverty of the family of the times, perhaps depicted with a foreign audience in mind. Looking at Samay’s mother’s kitchen, it cannot be said that her father sells tea at the railway station and his shop is going to be closed very soon. Here the kitchen is being talked about with emphasis because that kitchen occupies an important place in the story of the film.

While watching the Chhelo show, we get to see some parts of some old films as well as a song from Pan Nalin’s film Angry Indian Goddesses, taking time in full health, reaches its end. Due to the speed of the film, this maneuver is also not very pleasant.

Overall, Chhelo show is a good story which seems to be moving very slowly on the screen. The intention behind making a typical art film appears to be behind it. Best wishes to the film for the Oscars. However, my enthusiasm has waned after watching this.

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