China 20th Party Congress Beijing Protest: China Rare Protest In Beijing Just Ahead Of 20th Party Congress For Xi Jinping Third Term

Beijing: The date for the third coronation of Chinese President Xi Jinping has drawn near. The leaders of China’s ruling Communist Party will gather in the capital Beijing on October 16 and can hand over the command of the country to Xi Jinping for the third time. A rare demonstration has been seen in China before this very important meeting to be held after almost 5 years. People who were deeply troubled by Xi Jinping’s zero Kovid policy, put up poster-banners in many areas of Beijing, calling the President of China a dictator. Not only this, he also said that we should not take the corona test but eat it.

It is being told that this picture going viral on social media is from Haidian district of Beijing. These demonstrations have exposed China just before the 20th Party Congress of the Communist Party. China has made tight security arrangements in Beijing just before this meeting of the Party Congress and surveillance is being done everywhere. The protesters have written in their posters, ‘We want food, not a corona investigation’ and ‘we want reform, not a cultural revolution’. One banner even reads that Xi Jinping is a dictator and appeals to the people to strike.
Xi Jinping will get the power to remain the President of China till his death! The eyes of the world on the National Congress
Arrested 14 lakh people as ‘criminals’
Protesters also put up another poster in the Zhongguaqun/University area of ​​Beijing. China has made tight security arrangements in the capital ahead of the party Congress meeting. In such a situation, such performance is being described as extraordinary. Just before this important meeting, Chinese security agencies have arrested 1.4 million people by calling them criminals. For this, a 100-day campaign was started from the month of June itself. Even after this, such a demonstration in China shows how upset the public is with the day-to-day corona lockdown.

China has turned Beijing into a fortress just before this party congress. Xi Jinping is the second leader after China’s founder Mao to be elected president for the third time. China claims that it has arrested 1.4 million criminals. Apart from this, espionage against minorities has been greatly increased. According to the report of the Financial Times, every person coming to Beijing is being extensively investigated. China has deployed additional security personnel on a large scale to deal with any conflict situation.
When Xi Jinping is being coronated for the third time in China, North Korea will explode the atomic bomb?
China is afraid of protests
Actually, a large minority live in Beijing. This is the reason why China is afraid of protests. For this reason, security has been tightened in sensitive areas such as the Great Hall of the People, Tiananmen Square, and around Jigshi Hotel. A meeting of the Party Congress is to be held near this. Not only this, those who are traveling in the train are being asked to drink the liquid things they are traveling with in front of the security personnel. A guard said that the security arrangements have been tightened in view of the party Congress meeting. 24-hour surveillance has been increased across Beijing.

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