China National Congress Xi Jinping : Chinese Communist Party 20th National Congress To Make Xi Jinping More Powerful Expert Predicts

Beijing : The biggest political event of 2022 and possibly the next five years in China is going to be held on 16 October. On this day the 20th National Congress of the ruling Communist Party (CCP) will be organized where its 9 crore members will gather. Chinese President Xi Jinping will announce an extension of his term in this Congress for another five years. He may be re-elected to the post of General Secretary of the CCP. There are also possibilities that he may also become the new chairman of the party, a post that has been inactive since 1982. The National Congress 2022 is being held in China at a time when international relations have undergone major reshuffle in recent years.

Russia and Ukraine have been at war in Europe for the past eight months. While the whole world is condemning this war in a loud voice, while China remains a silent supporter of the Russian attack. At the same time, tension in the region regarding Taiwan is at its peak. In recent months, China has asserted its claim on Taiwan, which has further soured its relations with the US. In addition to international relations, China is facing many challenges such as a sluggish economy, post-Covid side effects and a new wave of epidemics.

‘Stay united to face the big struggle, the big risks’, Xi Jinping’s big statement before the Chinese Communist Party conference
‘Jinping will become more powerful’
Experts say that no information is coming out about the National Congress before the meeting. So the world has no idea what is going to happen in China on 16 October. America’s John L. Thornton China Center director Cheng Li said that in his first term, Jinping ruled the country largely in the manner of his political allies. But in the next term, Jinping will rule the country with a team of leaders whom he himself has pushed into politics. ‘It will make him more powerful,’ Lee said.

National Congress will be important for the whole world
Jinping shows the world that everything is going well in China under his government. But the public’s protest against the ‘Zero Kovid Policy’ to control Corona exposes their plan. Jinping can extend his term as president by increasing the number of such officials in important departments who will work at his behest to impose dictatorial decrees on the people. But the CCP’s National Congress is going to be very important not only for China but for the whole world.

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