Cuba Missile Crisis 1962 : Cuba Missile Crisis History Know All About 1962 Nuclear War Threat Between US Russia From Cuba

Havana/Washington : There is a war going on in Europe which has been going on for more than seven months. In this war, sometimes Russia has the upper hand and sometimes Ukraine. This fight has affected the whole world. Today the world is in danger of a nuclear war. Although we do not have any concrete evidence to substantiate this threat, but the threats coming from different forums confirm this. A similar threat of nuclear war had arisen in 1962, due to which the breath of a superpower like America was also stuck in the balance. On Friday, Biden also acknowledged that the current threat of nuclear devastation is at its highest since 1962. After all, what happened in 1962, remembering which America still trembles?

60 years ago today, the world reached the brink of nuclear war and this crisis is known as the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’, which Biden recently mentioned in his speech. The Cuban Missile Crisis began in 1962. On October 14, when an American reconnaissance aircraft noticed that the Soviet Union had deployed nuclear missiles in Cuba just a few kilometers away, it realized the gravity of the threat. After which the then US President had to send a proposal to the Soviet Union for talks.

I know Putin very well… His threats are no joke! Biden said – the risk of nuclear devastation is highest after 1962
Russia took revenge on America
Cuba, a small island communist country that has had a longstanding feud with the United States. Cuba is a neighboring country of America. The Soviet Union used this geographical proximity and ideological distance to its advantage. The Cold War was at its peak in the year 1962. Russia started deploying its nuclear weapons in Cuba under the nose of America. But this was not Russia’s unilateral or provocative action. The US deployed more than 100 nuclear missiles to Britain in 1958 and to Turkey and Italy in 1961.

Seeing the stock of missiles, the senses flew away
Russia avenged it by turning its missiles in Cuba towards the US. The Florida coast of America was only 150 km away from where these missiles were stationed. The Cuban Missile Crisis in the Cold War was a very tense event when the button of catastrophic devastation could be pressed at any moment, but this destruction was averted. On October 14, a US spy plane took 928 pictures of Cuba, in which the US was stunned after seeing a stockpile of Russian missiles in Cuba.

At last the devastation averted
The then US President John F. Kennedy quickly began a naval blockade of Cuba. Its purpose was only to block the path of Russian missiles reaching Cuba and bring the Soviet Union to the negotiating table. The crisis was averted on 28 October after Kennedy sent a message to the Soviet Union. During the Cold War, the Supreme Leader of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev agreed to remove missiles from Cuba. He put two conditions before the US, first – he will not attack Cuba and second – America will withdraw its missiles stationed in Turkey.

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