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The discussions of Netflix’s new true crime web series DAHMER- Monster: The Geoffrey Dahmer Story are happening everywhere. This series has been made on the life of Geoffrey Dahmer, one of America’s most dangerous serial killers. It is shown in the series how Asphalt, who could not accept his reality, had killed 17 boys. There is also a controversy regarding this web series. Meanwhile, Asphalt has joined the list of Netflix’s most-watched American series.

Shadow asphalt show among the audience

According to reports, despite the controversies, the audience is very fond of the web series Asphalt. For this reason, within a week of its release, it has become Netflix’s second most-watched English language series. The first number in this list is Season 4 of Stranger Things. The Asphalt series has been viewed 496 million times on Netflix so far. Within 12 days of its release, it also became the 9th most popular show on Netflix.

Netflix has revealed that all these views mean that the series Asphalt has been watched in 56 million homes. Although not everyone is a fan of this show. The audience and the family of the victims of Geoffrey Dahmer have also objected to this series. The families of the victims say that they do not want to live that painful moment again, but because of the series their bitter and very painful memories are coming back.

Victim’s family complained

Geoffrey Dahmer killed 17 boys from 1978 to 1991. In this even a 14 year old child was involved. Geoffrey had pierced the head of 19-year-old boy Errol Lindsey and filled hydrochloric acid in it, which killed the boy. This incident is shown in the series, due to which Earl’s sister Rita Isbell is very angry. He said about this that Netflix should have asked him before making the series whether he has any objection to it or how he feels about it being made. Netflix just wants to make money from this series.

Geoffrey Dahmer was a resident of Wisconsin, USA. It is said that he had killed 17 boys in his life. Geoffrey was gay and did not want to embrace his truth. After killing his victims, he used to have sex with their dead bodies, photograph them and even eat their flesh.

Why did the asphalt eat the victims’ flesh?

After being caught, Dahmer was imprisoned for 15 years. He was interviewed by a journalist in jail in which he told why he used to eat the meat of his victims. According to the journalist, ‘He had said that he decided to eat the boys because he wanted to make them a part of himself. He was very disappointed and considered himself very lonely and was also very ashamed of being gay. Journalist Nancy Glass also said that Asphalt had bonding issues since childhood. In such a situation, he believed that if he ate the people killed by him, then he would never ‘leave him’.

Geoffrey Dahmer, who killed innocent boys, was also murdered. While in prison, his accomplice Christopher Scarver had beaten him to death on November 28, 1994. The policemen were found lying dead in the gym of the asphalt jail. He had a severe head injury, which was hit by a dumbbell. Due to this he died.

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