DAHMER: Why did serial killers kill boys and eat their meat? Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer ate his victims know real reason why dahmer netflix series tmovp

Netflix’s crime series DAHMER- Monster: The Geoffrey Dahmer Story has dominated the world. Viewers are very fond of this series made on the life of Geoffrey Dahmer, one of America’s most dangerous serial killers. The life of Geoffrey Dahmer is shown in the series. Geoffrey Dahmer killed 17 boys from 1978 to 1991. Not only this, after killing some of them, he also ate their meat. After all, why Asphalt had become a cannibal and used to eat the flesh of his victims, he himself had told a journalist about it.

Why did asphalt eat the flesh of boys after killing them?

An American journalist once interviewed Geoffrey Dahmer. A journalist named Nancy Glass spoke to Asphalt in 1993 for her channel CNN. Now he has revealed in his interview how scary his experience of talking to Asphalt was. Also, he told why Asphalt wanted to eat his victims.

According to journalist Nancy Glass, ‘He said that he decided to eat the boys because he wanted to make them a part of himself. He was very disappointed, very lonely and very ashamed of being gay. He further said that Asphalt had bonding issues since childhood. In such a situation, he believed that if he ate his victims, he would never ‘leave him’.

Miss Glass told that Geoffrey Dahmer was quite normal during her interview. He was very surprised to see this. He said, ‘The most scary thing in this was that he was behaving completely normal. It was strange. You can hear that he is talking to me very thoughtfully. But he is a psychopath.

Asphalt did not want to kill the victim

Jizela Kay, author of the book The Milwaukee Monster, has studied asphalt and its case. He told, ‘He wanted to destroy his senses while keeping his victim alive. He tried this with Errol Lindsey, Tony Hughes and Konerak Sinthasomphone in 1991. But then this idea was abandoned. According to an FBI document, Dahmer even tried to freeze the dead body of his victim so that he could have sex with them for a long time. But his method also failed.

Dahmer had told the investigating officers that he did not want to kill his victims. According to Asphalt’s statement in Gizela’s book, he did not enjoy killing people. That is why he tried to make zombies alive by using uric acid in his drill. But this trick never succeeded. He wanted that the person who is with him should be completely under his control and he could keep them with him as long as he wanted.

top shows on netflix

Viewers are very fond of the series Asphalt, based on the story of Geoffrey Dahmer. According to reports, within a week of its release, it has become Netflix’s second most-watched English language series. The first number in this list is Season 4 of Stranger Things. The Asphalt series has been watched for more than 496 million hours on Netflix so far. Within 12 days of its release, it also became the 9th most popular show on Netflix.

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