Dangerous stunts of Vaishali Takkar! Vaishali takkar suicide yeh rishta kya kehlata hai actress enjoying with tiger and crocodile tmova

Vaishali Thakkar is no more in this world. According to the police, he committed suicide after being troubled by his personal life. But Vaishali used to live a happy life before this depressed life. Where she was exploring the world. Enjoying different experiences of life. Vaishali had uploaded some similar videos on her YouTube channel as well. Where she was seen trying bold stunts.

Vaishali put her hand on the back of the lion
Vaishali had told that she likes lions the most among animals, but she is also most afraid of him. The actress visited Phuket, Thailand in July this year. Where she was seen playing with lions. Vaishali told that since childhood, the lion’s nightmare used to come. She often dreamed that she was surrounded by lions. He removed this fear in Thailand. Vaishali said before meeting the lions that my dream should be fulfilled, not a nightmare.

Because I don’t want to die in my dream. Vaishali had to sign a paper before going inside, in which it was written that if you eat, then the authority is not responsible. Seeing this, Vaishali was even more scared. Despite this, she went inside and spent time with the lions. Vaishali went to the lion in fear, sat beside him. The lion also got irritated by their touch, he tried to kill Vaishali with his tail. After this, after the arrival of the trainer, Vaishali put her hand on the back of the lion. He even touched his tail. Vaishali stood up holding the tail of the lion.

Experience with Crocodile
Vaishali had a different experience not only with lions but also with crocodiles. During the shooting of a serial, Vaishali had to shoot with a crocodile. Vaishali was very nervous while telling about this. Vaishali gasped and told that today he has come to shoot outdoor. Where a man-eating animal has entered. That man-eating animal is none other than the crocodile, which he himself has prepared. Whose name Vaishali has given Magar Uncle. In the video, Vaishali told that a character has died in the show, for which he has come to the Samadhi Ghat to give his samadhi. Here a sequence is to be shot with this crocodile.

Vaishali’s sudden departure from this world is nothing less than a shock to the TV world. She started her career with Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai serial. After this Vaishali worked in many daily shows like Vish Amrit, Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Sasural Simar Ka and made her mark.

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