Debate on India’s stand amidst this ‘solidarity’ of Muslim-majority countries


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The resolution brought against China in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has finally fallen, but a big question has definitely arisen on many Muslim countries regarding this.

In fact, a resolution to debate the human rights violations of Vigor Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province was tabled at the UNHRC on Thursday, which fell.

If this resolution was passed, the next session in March would have debated the human rights violations of Vigar Muslims, but in the 47-member council, 17 countries voted in support of this resolution while 19 voted against it.

The 19 countries that voted in favor of China in opposition to this proposal include most of the Muslim majority and all African countries except Somalia. In support of this proposal, there were countries like Japan and South Korea who wanted a debate on this proposal in the UNHRC.

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