Debina Bonnerjee pregnancy diet: Pregnant Debina had to eat junk food heavily, suffered these problems – Debina Bonnerjee pregnancy diet food cravings acidity problem fitness diet chart tmov

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  • Debina is going to be a mother soon
  • Special video made on food cravings
  • will soon enjoy parenthood period

Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Chaudhary are going to be parents soon. After 11 years of marriage, happiness is going to come to their house. Both are quite excited about the parenthood period. Both shared the news with the fans while sharing the happy photo. Now Debina Bonnerjee has openly told about the problem during pregnancy in YouTube video.

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Actually, when Debina was pregnant, she had cravings to eat junk food and strange food combinations. She had eaten a lot, but later Debina had a lot of problems with gas, bloating, stomach irritation and acidity. Then Debina had cured her deteriorating health by taking gut cleaning diet.

In the video shared on YouTube, Debina has placed all those things in front of the table, which she was having food cravings. Due to excessive consumption of junk food, Debina’s weight has also increased a lot.

First of all, Debina eats vada pav and green chillies. After this, they eat chili dumplings. However, she also asks Gurmeet Choudhary sitting nearby to eat, but she did not eat anything due to diet conscious and fear of gaining weight.

Debina Bonnerjee dances on Kacha Badam with Gurmeet, the actress is soon to become a mother

For information, let us tell you that Gurmati and Debina were married in 2011. Their name is included in the most favorite couple of the TV industry. The pair of both is very much liked. Both have a love marriage. Their love blossomed on the sets of the serial ‘Ramayana’. Both had worked in the 2008 show ‘Ramayana’. Gurmeet played the role of Ram and Debina played the role of Sita. Since then both are together. First became friends then Humsafar. Now soon they are going to become parents too.

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