Deepika opened Ranveer Singh’s bedroom secret, said- ‘Ranveer even on the bed….’

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are currently considered the most talked about couple in Bollywood. Both had a royal wedding in Italy in the year 2018. Discussions of their marriage were being heard on social media for a long time. Deepika-Ranveer are such couples of Bollywood, who often talk openly about each other. Meanwhile, Deepika has made some such revelations about wife Ranveer. Knowing which his fans will be surprised. Ranveer-Deepika’s love story started with a ‘kiss’, know what happened…

After marriage, this power couple had reached a live event. In such a situation, if there is no question and answer of both, then this cannot happen. Meanwhile, Deepika has shared her husband’s bedroom secrets. Actually, the present pair is the most favorite couple of Bollywood. This is the reason why fans want to know every little thing about both of them.

In the event, Deepika had told such a thing about Ranveer. Hearing this, Ranveer himself was also surprised. At the event, when Deepika was asked about Ranveer’s style and beauty secrets, the actress said, “Ranveer takes a long shower and stays in the toilet for a long time. Know how much property is owned by Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

After this, Deepika surprised everyone and told that Ranveer spends a lot of time in bed too. Hearing this talk of Deepika, everyone present there listened and everyone was stunned. Everyone was wondering what this Deepika had said. Even Ranveer himself started looking at Deepika’s face and was surprised. After this, Deepika reversed her point and said that, I mean to say that Ranveer spends a lot of time even when he goes to sleep on the bed.


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