delhi Youth from Kolkata dies after being struck by ball while playing cricket NTC

In the country’s capital Delhi, a young man died due to being hit by a cricket ball in the chest. No FIR has been registered in this case. After informing the family members of the youth about his death, the police have started the investigation of the case.

The matter is of a school in Swaroop Nagar area of ​​Delhi. A 30-year-old youth named Habib Mandal, playing cricket here, died after being hit by a ball in his chest. Police said that Habib had come from Kolkata to play cricket. He was playing a match with his friends in the school premises.

During the match itself, the ball hit his chest and he fell unconscious. After this the young man was taken to the hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. The deceased youth was originally from Kolkata. He came to Delhi to play cricket with his friends.

The police have not registered any FIR in this case so far. However, now further investigation will be done after the post-mortem report comes. The police have informed the relatives of the deceased Habib Mandal. Police said that after their arrival, it would be known whether Habib had any chronic disease or not.

A similar incident has happened with an Indian cricket player, who died after being hit by a ball in his head. In the year 1998, Raman Lamba was playing in a match of Dhaka Premier League being played in Bangladesh, this match started on 20 February. When spinner Saifullah Khan bowled, at the behest of the captain, Raman Lamba came forward to field at short leg. Whenever a fielder stands here, he puts on a helmet and guard.

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